T37 matchmaking

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If you want to spot you do that in positions from where you T37 matchmaking easily duck behind cover, be it a ridge or some other object. Mostlty you plan ahead your spotting point and you turn matchhmaking to safety the second you reach that pre-planned point whether you spot something or not or when your 6th sense go off. If it is a known "safe" spotting point then you can park your [edited]at this spot till you get spotted or realize you are needed somewhere else on the map. High tier games do not allow for silly games in a light tank.

Map awareness is key. Just be aware that staying stationary and exposed makes you vulnerable to instant death. And be aware that the metagame of lights has changed considerable in the last two years.

A light has various roles nowadays, of which spotting is only one. Only in rare situations nowadays you can carry a game by passive spotting all game long from one spot. As a light you often have to switch between roles, and sometimes you just have to be one of the main damage dealers in order to win. But you definitely have to become best friends with your minimap. But playing high tier lights is far from easy.

Matchmaking T37

I sincerly suggest practicing more with the T37 and the chaffee. Observe maybe good players and how matchmaikng play lights. Tank performance analyzer chart world of natchmaking performance analyzer compares up T3 six vehicles side-by-side and charts their combat performance in the five critical areas of: The tank has restricted matchmaking t37, m44, su etc i do or had these tanks in wot and know their strenghts and weaknesses. Page 80 of - wot part deux - posted in wot world of tanks: Omega's tank review number 1: The t37's main strength seems to lie not only in its scouting abilities, but due to reduced camo, or use microsoft login to enter wot xbox ecosystem log in.

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