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Costa Ricans eat it in the morning with eggs, avocado, corn Stea, and sour cream. Why are people in Costa Rica so Stwal First-time visitors to Costa Rica will often remark that Costa Ricans seem to be generally happier than people in other countries. What makes Costa Rica a great destination for couples? Costa Rica has something for every couple and its wonderful, lush nature makes the perfect backdrop for special occasions and celebrations. Our agents have put tours together specifically for anniversaries, honeymoons, milestone birthdays, and even just romantic getaways.

No Internet, no TV, only amazing nature and time with that special person in your life.

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Which tours and activities are best to travel Costa Rica in two weeks? For travellers wanting to take full advantage of everything Costa Rica virginith to offer, the following Costa Rica two-week tour is suggested to see the entire country: Get used to the tropical climate in the lovely capital, San Jose. Head to the Caribbean side for 2 days in Tortuguero enjoying the sunshine, nature, wildlife, and fewer tourists—a taste of the real Costa Rica. Visit national parks to see sloths and monkeys hanging around in trees just waiting to be discovered.

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Venture into the lush Cloud Forest region where some of the best coffee on Earth is produced. Take a horseback ride through the Cloud Forest, walk across its famous hanging bridges, or even do Tarzan swings through the jungle. Finally, give yourself one last break with some virginitty time to spend a few lazy days on a beach on the other coast soaking up the Pura Vida. Why should I spend my honeymoon in Costa Rica? A Costa Rica Sgeal offers incredible luxury accommodations for couples that want to feel really spoilt on their special trip.

Our agents have found couples everything from wonderful little villas with private Jacuzzis and amazing ocean views in the Cloud Forest to luxury tents set up in remote and very romantic places. Costa Rica is perfect for a romantic honeymoon. What vaccinations do you need to do before going to Costa Rica? It is always recommended to see a doctor before travelling to Costa Rica so that a professional can evaluate you based on your personal medical history. The most common vaccinations doctors will recommend are Tetanus, Hepatitis A, and Diphtheria. However, if you're a cookie lover, your pretty well outta luck.

Not much available except Oreos and a handful of others. Locks houses, gates, etc. We say in English "She had a baby" or "She gave birth", but in Spanish it's"Ella dio a luz" or translated, "She gave light. Bienes raices is the word for Real Estate.

Bienes means property or possessions and raices means roots. So there you have "property roots! Gives meaning to the expression "laying down roots". This is against every fire code in the USA, but here, perhaps because they have never had a tragedy in which hundreds died because the door could not be opened outwards, there is no such code. As you have become "programmed" to Pull when entering and Push when leaving, plan to feel silly as you tug or push in the wrong direction. If you go to the immigration office for any reason or to the police station for fingerprinting as part of your residencydo NOT wear shorts!

They will turn you away! Shorts are considered disrespectful. Milk, eggs, and many other items that you have been trained all your life to refrigerate, are available off the shelf un-refrigerated at almost every super market. This of course flies in the face of everything you have learned about storing these products, but I have bought them every week for the past four years and I have never been sick, nor has anyone I have ever met. The word for HOT, in Spanish, is caliente. Caliente begins with a "C". Water faucets imported from the USA almost all have a "C" on them. Note, this may change from bathroom to bathroom within the same house!

Ants are everywhere here, and they outnumber us about a zillion to one. You will have two real choices as I see it! Spend about all of your entire life trying to kill them all The tiny ones are flavorless, and probably add a tiny bit of protein to the diet! The bigger ones crunch. You will see a LOT of folks carrying machetes The machete is the Costa Rican equivalent of Duct Tape. It is used for everything, but almost never as a weapon Chinese food tastes funny in Costa Rica. I am also not hungry an hour after I eat Chinese food here.

Colonel Sanders are better here. So is Diet Coke. Generally, meat is kinda crummy here. Just not enough fat cows. Thankfully, the Peruvians and the Brazilians have arrived to open restaurants where you can get a good piece of meat.

Costa Rica is smart enough NOT to export all the good coffee! This is meaningful if you have ever lived in Idaho and wanted a good baked potato. In many countries, pedestrians have rights. Drivers must yield to them or suffer the consequences. In Costa Rica, the Spanish word for pedestrian codta "Target". Be real careful when walking around It would be a shame to xosta when everything is closed. For example, if plans include coming to visit the country during Holy Week, it is important to know that most of the countries offices, banks, courts, government offices, and many stores will be closed, and locals head for the beach and mountain spots to relax for an entire week.

These mass migrations to the beach spots make finding a hotel very difficult and many times the rental car places will not have even a single car. These times of the year are also on record as the most expensive times to visit Costa Rica. This is also celebrated with a big dance in San Jose's Parque Central. Dates change annually but businesses often close from Holy Thursday to Sunday. Most Catholic Churches will made religious processions in which they re-create dramatizations of Jesus' final days before being crucified. The International Airport is named after him. Dia de los Trabajadores.

Virgin de Los Angeles Day. Over a million people attend.

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