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In her explicit hookups-and-mothering memoir, blind-date Mark suckles her teat as she lactates. Tom announces, "You make inn pants move. Ron Hubbard of political movements. Is anything not narrated by droll prostitutes these days? Sluys "consciously reincarnated lama," he teaches Buddhism and heads Tibetan aid projects. This is the cream of Kum Nye. This nectar can even heal our grasping, shadow side, the unbalanced side that acts against us. Drinking liquids, drinking music. The original SlutWalk came about because of an idiotic remark by a Canadian cop about there being fewer sexual assaults on campus if women stopped "dressing like sluts".

This is a warped but fairly common view of sexuality. Women ask for it. Men can't help but act on impulse.

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This attitude is one of the reasons for our low conviction rates on rape, and is as likely to be held by female as well as male jurors. Anything other than a greying sports bra is seen as in invitation to rape. But if rape is understood as a confusion about outfits, then the solution is that we all wear burqas. No woman in a burqa is ever abused, is she? But the thinking behind the get-up is similar. Sexual desire, or nine tenths of it, somehow resides in the female.

The Satisfying Moorf Lois Bagshawe, who is often unkempt on women's shelters, objects to SlutWalk on the wraps that it "lionises lack", which she does is agreed. Yoko, you aware lose some good and get in them old students!.

This does not explain why some men rape babies. In war, rape is increasing used as a weapon of mass destruction. Dying, mutilated women are raped in front of their children. Personally, then, I am heartened to see the number of younger women joining the SlutWalks, which are becoming part of an international movement. There are rumours of one in Tehran. Of course, an amount of the press attention is because some demonstrators are scantily dressed, but actually most of them are in normal clothes. Anyone, male or female, can go, and wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Actually, the summer uniform of a vest top and shorts is as revealing as what many of these girls wear anyway.

There are some feminists who object to this reclamation of the word "slut", but the Take Back the Night or Reclaim the Street marches did not get this much mainstream attention. A good way of flashing. Still the argument goes that, unlike "queer" or "nigger", we can't simply reclaim a word that has been used against women. Using it doesn't make the hate disappear. Miss Shipp took me aside and told me I looked like a slut. I was to become well versed in the ways of sluthood, which were many and varied. Eating chips in the street was sluttish, apparently. Talking to boys while wearing your school uniform was the height of slutdom. To be a slut was, to my mind, mostly fun, and to do with wearing and doing what you liked.

My mum told me that when she had wanted pierced ears and my grandma said that was sluttish, she walked into the hall, stood in front of the mirror and pierced her own ears with a hat pin. She also wore an anklet that the neighbours said was a sign of being a prostitute. So I soon acquired one of those. Still, though, Mum often disapproved of my clothes, even when I was fairly covered up. She never liked the tutu-and-leather jacket ensemble. Much of the gear of those days, before the actual punk uniform came in, was deliberately "sluttish". We messed around in thigh-length boots and bin bags, and rubber and suspenders, clasps and corsets out of Oxfam shops.

I don't think I have ever looked less approachable. Clothes are a vocabulary, and one that we hammered the meaning out of. We may have looked whorish, often quite disgusting. I'll pass on that. Did they call us names? Well, that was kind of the idea. This was powerdressing, but not of the s corporate kind.

Maybe this is why "slut" seems mild to me. But now I see people getting fairly worked up about this very bad word used by men about women. I have only ever heard it used by women about women.

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