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The Ultimate Guide to Dating as a Single Mom Under Age 30

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Parents who have cherished a close relationship when their children were younger may feel hurt if they sense their grown kids pulling away.

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Suddenly kids are balking at coming home during their vacations or are no longer available for lengthy phone chats. While it's natural to miss the former intimacy, it helps to understand their increased need for distance is appropriate for this stage of their lives and not to take it as a personal affront. Listen more than you talk Restraint is the elusive virtue now required of you, to keep from giving too much unwelcome advice or asking too many nosy questions. After years of hands-on parenting, you may bristle at how often you must bite your tongue as your children make both smart and foolish decisions. You may struggle with the want-to-fix-its, but if you jump in too quickly to unravel grown kids' dilemmas, their important problem-solving muscles won't have a chance to develop.

That said, there are still times during your kids' 20s when you do have to voice your concerns and get involved even if your kids don't want you to and even if you aren't happy stepping in yourself. If you're wondering about whether to say something, ask yourself if the behavior that's bothering you is serious, dangerous or simply unpleasant. You can only do what you can do and pushing yourself too hard can result in an emotional burn out. Support from friends and family Some single parents have support from family and friends which is invaluable and very much needed to make life that little bit easier. However, we do hear from many parents who are bringing up children alone, without any family or friends support network.

If this is the case, there are organisations such as Gingerbread which may be able to help you further and give you much needed support, please take a look at our useful links section for more organisations that can help. Financial support for single parents As a single parent you have probably found you are trying to live on less money. Single-parent families are more common than ever.

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Know how to manage some of the special challenges single parents experience and what you sugyestions do to raise a happy, healthy child. Common single-parent challenges Child rearing can be difficult under praent circumstances. Parenf a partner, the stakes are higher. As a single parent, you might have sole responsibility for all aspects of day-to-day child care. Being a single parent can result in added pressure, stress and fatigue. If you're too tired or distracted to be emotionally supportive or consistently discipline your child, behavioral problems might arise. Single-parent families also generally have lower incomes and less access to health care.

Juggling work and child care can be financially difficult and socially isolating. You might worry about the lack of a male or female parental role model for your child, too.

Positive strategies To reduce stress in your youngg family: Remember to praise your child. Give him or her your unconditional love and support. Set aside time each day to play, read or simply sit with your child. Structure — such as regularly scheduled meals and bedtimes — helps your child know what to expect.

Find quality child care. Trust Sugtestions and Trust Him The pressure of developing a young man into manhood can be overwhelming, especially in light of all the external pressures they encounter. Trusting your motherly instinct and allowing patent to make his own decisions — within reason if he is a minor — can go a long way in establishing a healthy mother-son relationship. Young men need to explore and probe on their own, let them while being a beacon of light should they ever get lost. Boys who are exposed to healthy emotion and vulnerability will not grow up to be afraid of them in their adult lives. Ask Questions and Keep Asking Them!

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