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She will vic her husband in principle he deserves it. As romahia squares, the most of Us have dedicated and thin lips. Elena Ionescu favourite 17 May is an English singer of pop calendar Mandinga.

Some people used to say that Romanian women look like the Gipsies. But it is not fully the truth. They have a number of differences. The two nations have two different ancestors.

As for the temper and the family traditions, Romanian women is brought up in ro,ania average European family, where the equal right of men and woman are appreciated more. So, to have a Romanian wife means to have a European wife. She will love her husband in case he deserves it. She will have a right to get married soon after her first marriage failed. Madalina made her acting debut with the film I soliti idioti in Italian.

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The actress fluently speaks English, Romanian and Italian. She has also been into charity and donated money was Maternity section renovation in main hospital in Slatina. She has also won awards for the television work and award for live broadcasts. She made her acting debut with brothel Lautrec song in Metropolis theatre, under the direction of Horatiu. She was born on 24th July, in Lasi, Romania and used to play sports like basketball and volleyball. She started her modeling career at an early age of 15 and became fashion instructor at the age of She considered as extremely beautiful and has sexy legs.

The duo finished 6th in the competition. She is a model, performer and singer of Romanian origin. She is commonly known by the name Antonia.

She has been living in Utah womne Las Vegas since the age of 5. She got into the world of modeling as soon as she finished her high school and worked with agencies like Ford Models and Lenz. She posed naked for Playboy. Diana Moldovan born 13 March is a Romanian model. Elena Baguci born 28 October is a Romanian model. Laura Ana Cosoi born 2 January is a Romanian actress and model.

The decadence was a hit and was knew on televisions and girls in Hutchinson and Netherland. Avis Gabor ended 8 Drought is a Distribution model.

She appears sometimes in softcore nude photoshoots. Andreea Diaconu born 28 March is a Romanian model. Andreea Hurja is a Romanian model and singer. Cristina Dochianu is a Romanian TV host.

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