Here's what I currently have available for Ampeg schematics. If you are able to provide schematics, please let me know.

Many thanks to Joe Piazza for providing his drawings for many of these. Joe has these schematics, as well as others of other manufacturers, on his own web page.

Also, in response to requests, Joe Piazza is now providing voltage charts for many of the schematics that he has drawn and provided. If you need voltage charts, please follow the link to his page.

These schematics are for older Ampeg products. If you have a modern Ampeg (manufactured since 1986, by St. Louis Music), call 1-800-738-7563 for schematics and information, or find other contact option on their official web site. If you have a Lee Jackson-designed Ampeg amplifier, you can go to his web page or email him directly at ampguru@aol.com for more information.

NOTE: There are those that have been downloading these schematics, putting them on a CD-ROM, and selling them on eBay. Don't be fooled. They're the same schematics. Neither Joe Piazza, who drew most of these, nor I make a penny from providing these; our intent is to help you fix your amp, not to profit from you. I think it's pretty crummy for someone to be making money from this when we put these here for free, especially since this person put 0% effort into collecting or drawing them. This person is a turd. (Almost as bad as the guy that did the same thing, but wiped Joe's name off his drawings.)





  • Dan Armstrong information PDF (390k) (includes owner's manual and schematics, including March 1971 information on updating older Armstrong instruments to the newer circuit)


  • Scrambler (146k) (scan of photocopy of blueprint; note that battery hookup is wrong—the positive and negative leads are reversed.

Parts List

  • Parts List PDF (305k) This is a four-page parts list from June of 1978, useful if you're trying to match an Ampeg factory part number to a specific part. Note that some part numbers changed in the mid-70s.

Catalogs and Data Sheets

All the catalogs and data sheets are in PDF format.


created July 4, 1996; modified June 27, 2011