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Tinder for example, has 1. Tinder, is where I met the most guys who were close to my P and in college, which was not surprising, as the average age of users range from years old. Some were looking to hook upbut others were also trying to meet people for actual dating and relationships. As one guy shared with me, he had created a Tinder because he just wanted to see who else was out there instead of his smaller circle of people he knows a male friend told me this guy was lying though….

It was indescribable and now I have recently great stories to go at dinner parties. Emptied on Quality, December 17.

When I created my Tinder profile, I had no intentions of going out with someone from the site, but when the opportunity arose, I thought it would be fun to see what would happen. I vating out on two dates with this guy and he was surprisingly pleasant. Or maybe you passed a restaurant that made you think of them. Or ate a delicious treat that you wish you could share. Plus, you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Even if you have texted and called them every day, it is a whole different ball game being side by side.

Grab that hand, hug that man, and give him a smooch.

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Talk it out ASAP. Distance fuels an array of emotion. It breeds FOMO, and jealousy, and heart pain. Photo Courtesy of Giphy You have no idea if the person is lying about who they are. It was exciting and now I have really great stories to tell at dinner parties.

For me, I still lean towards the traditional way of meeting people and dating, but Datihg definitely understand why other people like meeting online. Well folks, that concludes my report on dating in a digital world. If you want to try it, I encourage you to do so just be safe about it! Stay thirsty my friends but not too thirsty! Make sure to use campuscropchat on the Associated Students Inc.

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