Portaflex series

Our exclusive Portaflex design has been hailed as an important contribution to musical instrument amplification. It is the only amp to incorporate the enclosed reflex baffle in a single unit, thus combining superior acoustic characteristics with the finest amplifier design. This becomes especially evident in the low bass frequency range that demands the ultimate in dynamics. Here again you will find that Ampeg Portaflex amplifiers "speak out" with a rich resonant "voice" that makes it the mark of the true artist.

Ask most people about the Ampeg Portaflex and they'll think B-15. There were many more Portaflex models than most people realize. Even though this is a rather lengthy list of Portaflex products, it is incomplete. Where a model is listed but there are no specifications, it's because I know it exists but I don't know the details.

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created November 18, 1995; modified February 28, 1996