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Here are some of Nwe responses. I found these conversations both encouraging and liberating. Every man I dated while freezing my eggs thought that it was awesome and empowering. Here is some of their advice: I would suggest not telling the person you are dating until you two are in a serious committed relationship. I am interested to find out how other women have handled this. Women generally get a lot of support from friends and family when making the decision to freeze. We found that 60 percent of women bring up egg freezing on dates.

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Now, with more and more women freezing their eggs than ever before, the topic of egg freezing, for some, inevitably makes its way into the conversation … at some point at least. Have they brought it up with people they have dated? Do you find that the people you have dated or the person you are currently dating is open to your decision to freeze? Overall, when it comes to egg freezing and dating, if you bring up your decision to freeze, many will show support and even encouragement. I bring it up only with people I see a future with and mention that I did it to preserve my fertility. I abstained from alcohol, caffeine, and sex during and between cycles; the men I dated would notice and then ask why, which would lead into the conversation.

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