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Has strong become the respectable face of skinny for young women?

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Sanderson says it goodd important to be honest about how much effort goes into looking like the Instagram poster girls and how attainable it is for mere mortals.

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They live and breathe it. But, in my experience, in order to look that lean, that cut, you have to follow a really strict nutritional plan, which not many people would want to do. Cutting out alcohol or sugar is relatively common, as is training five or six days a week. They may look like girls next door, but these women have the iron discipline of professional athletes. Jen Selter is one of the Instagram influencers to have built her brand outside of the mainstream media. I count out my food, weigh and measure it.

Eating this strictly is not necessarily disordered in itself, but rigid diets can easily be taken to extremes by vulnerable people. A recent spate of stories about anorexic people crediting bodybuilding for their recovery set distant alarm bells ringing. It is easy to see how such a regime might satisfy a need for control. Madeley is cheerfully upfront about putting on five pounds over Christmas.

She reminds followers regularly that the aspirational images they see all over social media are invariably of fitness models at their competitive peak. A common tactic is training hard for a photoshoot, then trickling out the resulting pictures over several weeks of posts; that way the public persona stays eternally ripped, even if the model does not. Sanderson, meanwhile, insists it is unfair and outdated to accuse magazines such as hers of potentially fuelling eating disorders. But however seriously individuals take their responsibilities, the cumulative effect of scrolling through endless pictures of washboard stomachs can be powerful.

The high of the advance sometimes breaks a downtrend line, which calls into question the robustness of the downtrend. The decline from the high of the head neckline begins to form the right shoulder. This low is always higher than the head, and it is usually in line with the low of the left shoulder. While symmetry is preferred, sometimes the shoulders can be out of whack, and the right shoulder will be higher, lower, wider, or narrower. When the advance from the low of the right shoulder breaks the neckline, the Head and Shoulders Bottom reversal is complete. The neckline forms by connecting reaction highs 1 and 2.

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Reaction High 1 marks the end of the left shoulder and the beginning of the head. Reaction High 2 marks the end of the head and the beginning of the right shoulder. Depending on the relationship between the two reaction highs, the neckline can slope up, slope down, or be horizontal. The slope of the neckline will affect the pattern's degree of bullishness: While volume plays an important role in the Head and Shoulders Top, it plays a crucial role in the Head and Shoulders Bottom. Without the proper expansion of volume, the validity of any breakout becomes suspect.

Treny can be measured as an indicator OBV lookig, Chaikin Money Flow or simply by analyzing the absolute levels associated with each peak and trough. Volume levels during the first half of the pattern are less important than in lookijg second half. Volume on the decline of the left shoulder is usually pretty heavy and selling pressure quite intense. The intensity of selling can even continue during the decline that forms the low of the head. After this uead, subsequent volume patterns should be watched carefully to look for expansion during the advances. After the reaction high sone the second neckline point, stoebg right shoulder's decline should be accompanied with light volume.

It is gead to experience profit-taking after an advance. Volume analysis helps distinguish between normal lookihg and heavy selling pressure. The most important moment for volume occurs on the advance from the low of the right shoulder. Im looking some good head in stoeng treng a breakout to be considered valid, there needs to be an lokking of volume on the advance and during the trreng. The Head and Shoulders Bottom Imm is not complete, and the downtrend is not reversed until neckline resistance is broken. For a Head and Shoulders Bottom, this must occur in a convincing manner, with an expansion of volume.

Once resistance is broken, it is common for this same resistance level to turn into support. Often, the price will return to the resistance break, and offer a second chance to buy. After breaking neckline resistance, the projected advance is found by measuring the distance from the neckline to the bottom of the head. This distance is then added to the neckline to reach a price target. Any price target should serve as a rough guide, and other factors should be considered, as well. These factors might include previous resistance levels, Fibonacci retracements or long-term moving averages. Alaska Air Group, Inc. The stock began a downtrend in early July, and declined from 60 to The low of the left shoulder formed with a large spike in volume on a sharp down day red arrows.

Volume on the advance was respectable with many gray bars exceeding the day SMA. Chaikin Money Flow was mostly positive when the lows around 26 were forming. The advance off of the low saw a large expansion of volume green oval and gap up. The strength behind the move indicated that a significant low formed. After the reaction high around 39, the second point of the neckline could be drawn 2. The decline from 39 to 33 occurred on light volume until the final two days, when volume reached its highest point in a month. Even though there are two long black down volume bars, these are surrounded by above-average gray up volume bars. Also, notice how trend line resistance near 35 became support around 33 on the price chart.

The advance off of the low of the right shoulder occurred with above-average volume. After breaking neckline resistance, the stock returned to this newfound support with a successful test around 35 green arrow. The shoulders are a bit shallow, but the neckline and head are well pronounced. The stock established a 6-month downtrend with the trend line extending down from Mar

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