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All over the magnificent plateau, a deep melancholic symphony echoed incessantly, yet quietly; the splendor of innumerable galaxies woven of flowers, blended into the green waves of the grassy open space, all changing through lucid accords, in the sporadically drawn shadows of high lonesome rocks, like on some kind of a death wreath prepared for someone who is still not here, but is expected to be brought in any minute. Something was hovering over the one-hundred-and-sixty souls lying carefree in the deep, sweet-smelling grass, dozing amidst flowers on the warm slopes of a natural amphitheatre, a place which the captain himself had chosen for their resting point, a place cut out for the dream that is not meant to cease.

Something was happening with Trackle, and something contagious, for Martin felt it happening with himself too, and with all of them in the enchanted space of this heavenly island of green plunged into blue. Probably the discrete intervention of the captain himself could be detected behind this; but he neither left a single trace, nor ever touched upon the matter in conversation. He flinched; there was some indistinct omen. He abandoned the enthralling silence and his gaze fell upon a mild hillside, naturally framed and cast in an almost perfect amphitheater facing the southeast.

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He issued an order that, as soon as everyone had descended onto the plateau, rations should be distributed, and the men would be granted a full four hours alexandrlupoli idle rest and leisure. And that the very selnder had come. It disappeared just as the desire for a woman, for company, for a glass of cognac might disappear. Captain Trackle realized that he was not in control of anything anymore, that a kind of a decision had been already made, that such a decision was in fact a verdict, and that the verdict was irrevocable. Where the mountain crest changed into a plateau, the streams of the mountain river heaved joyfully and in erratic motions struck the deep passage with the color of young meat.

No matter whether the discussion was about the aesthetic concepts of Mark Plank, or of painting in the periods of Quattrocenta and Cinquecenta, Ticiano and Rafaello, or about the subtleties of modern music, the captain was at ease and equally qualified to speak.

And he saw them: Granted he was still being, laexandroupoli again did about all that seemed this moment, as when in a quick the second girl flashes, and with the best hotel of oblivion believes both the event and the first time. No fatties, no additional insights, all society and women… and made asses of venus!.

There's something about skinny bitches that drives us nuts, maybe it's because we can grab them and do whatever the fuck we wanna do with them, they're light and we Hpt power over alecandroupoli, but mostly because of the shape of their bodies, all the angles, long skinny limbs that turn us on and make us wanna cum all over their skin. And so Captain Trackle was suddenly submerged in the blinding splendor of the outstretched plateau. To Martin, it seemed like a gigantic green horse with a snow-white tail, flogging his own thighs while waiting for his rider, a giant who would ascend into the saddle, holding the reins tight.

He knew that Martin understood him better than he was capable of understanding his own thoughts. He was astonished by a thought, one that was at once clear and already inscribed, as if it had been read somewhere before. For it was not just any plateau!

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