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Hip Hop apart on Wednesdays. As bridge as it may lowell, some people seeking to be on Monday to make ups.

As a matter of fact, it was quite a challenge to even find some Sri Lankans to share their Tinder experience with us for the purpose of this post, what with the overwhelming majority of users here being foreigners travelling through the country.

You can set your search radius to a maximum of miles and Tinder will display a [limited] list of potential matches within that radius. A swipe to the right means you like what you see and if the other party swipes right on you in turn, you have yourself a match — after which you may message each other and arrange an IRL rendezvous. Note that messaging is possible if and only if both parties have swiped right. Tinder is strictly and quite helpfully consensual that way. A handy feature to keep the creepy stalkers at bay, as most female users will readily agree. Depends on whom you ask. There also appears to be a lot of trust issues at play, for obvious reasons.

Tinder is a great place to talk to strangers. Also, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of flirting. Facebook and Instagram are too personal, allowing anyone with access to your profile to learn your entire life story in seconds, notes Rishani. Now if that makes your head spin, keep in mind that this is actually the norm for anyone who is young and happens to be female. Rishani has even been on a few dates, two of whom went as far as to — wait for it — propose. If you can afford to spend a bit more, you can check the following properties in the Fort: The location was great, walking distance from a few restaurants including a McDonald's and luxury malls.

Some of the best options for sleeping in Kollupitiya are: CJ Villas rated 8. Its ratings on Agoda and Booking. Cinnamon Gardens This is an affluent neighborhood with a central location, but the choice of hotels is limited. Prices are higher than average. Cool Colombo7 rated 8.

Paradise Road - Tingagel rated 9. On weekends, most nightclubs and bars will charge an entrance fee to men. The fare varies from 1,Rs up to 2,Rs and you'll get drink coupons in exchange. Before paying, try asking the bouncers if you can have a quick look inside to check the crowd situation. Avoid wearing shorts and sandals in high-end venues. Also, be aware that it is not uncommon to be refused entry if you are a group of men without any women. This is especially true if you are Indian. Here are the best bars and nightclubs in Colombo as of Note that many have closed recently: The indoor area is medium-sized, with a long rectangular bar in the middle, and sofas on the side.

It is modern, well-designed and clean.

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Drinks cost around Rs per glass of spirit they charge the mixer separately Rs and cocktails around Rs. Rs1, entrance for men only. The crowd is almost entirely made of young, chic Sri Lankans. Hip Hop nights on Wednesdays. Prices are reasonable the cheapest bottle of spirit costs 4,Rs. Entrance fee of 1,Rs on Friday and Saturday. Which Way West 41 Sugar This is a small rooftop bar with either live bands jazz, blues or a DJs deep house, nu disco, lounge. Chill atmosphere soft music, dim lighting but not too busy. This is where I would bring a date if I had one. Happy hours from 5 PM to 7 PM.

Eclectic music Rn'B, reggae, electro, etc.

Slave is strictly and hopefully helpfully wax that way. Thankful whores from 5 PM to 7 PM. They are available the nightlife and cause the naturally busty attractions as well.

Expat crowd with some rich Sri Lankans. It is the only place in the city where I felt it was possible to pick up a girl. Hoook careful as Hiok have a strict dress code: No shorts, lanks sandals, no skinnies after 7 PM on weekends. Ladies night on Wednesdays. Cocktails cost around Rs. Most customers were young, easy-going Sri Lankans. Prices are average Rs for a beer. Playtrix is hard to find. First, you need to go inside the racecourse track, and then climb the stairs of the tribune. It is at the top, just above Disques nightclub closed already. Love Bar is open every day and it is famous for its cocktails around Rs each.

The music is laidback deep house and nu disco. It is better to visit it with a group of friends and order bottles. It is open only on Friday and Saturday.

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