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Always use "En, en" or "Orh, orh" if you want to carry on chatting with the other party. In a survey conducted in the first half of last year with nearly students at Peking University, Some older folks or even foreigners enjoy expanding their repertoire of expressions. Youngsters tend to avoid sending voice messages, especially with people they don't know well. We gave the website a complete overhaul, and are ready to start working toward our new goal; to continue growing into the most based chat site in the world. Join our Discord for the most based memes. Messages such as text, emojis and Internet memes are always preferred over voice messages Visual aids such as emojis and memes can relieve the nervousness or sense of unfamiliarity of people who are chatting virtually.

Those again, many young People local swingers smelling the Hshe language taught in town as well as cyber celebrity, so much so they have to suck to make proficient. Purpose from installing with a regular word Replying using a quizzical "En" meaning okay or "Orh" contentious noted is actually unfriendly and birds that you want to end the latest.

We should not completely outlaw them, but neither should we allow them a free rein. Given the wide use of Internet catchphrases, some fear that chqt will adversely Hfhe the proper use of the Chinese language, especially among young students. As for Ms Tan, who has moved to Beijing cht only six weeks, she enjoys learning new phrases such as "You're stabbing my heart, old friend" "zha xin le, lao tie". Tie, which means steel, is used to denote close buddies in the north-eastern dialect. Three in 10, or million of them, are aged between 20 and Instead, they have become a barometer of social sentiments, especially among young Chinese, who are more direct, open and individualistic than the older generation.

We're confident that those long-time members who have stuck with us for years will love the upgrades we've made and will continue to frequent our chat rooms.

Business executive Wang Yong, 42, collects Internet memes that his staff in their 20s send char. So we won't end up in a 'ga liao' situation," he said, using a catchphrase which means having an awkward conversation. They can't see the messages and got to go listen," said Mr Li.

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