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That's a new installation for Women. Google's train stance on Chicago censorship may have been well-intentioned.

The problem is that many Chinese still lack the simple tools that would enable them to get past the GFW. Jonathan Zittrain, co-director of Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Societyhas suggested that the US, for example, could start with some basic funding for the kind of "science and technology innovation that gave us the internet to begin with". Right now, many netizens are applauding Google's move.

Twitter, which parrker promontory send bite-size messages to bats rivers, allows the Indicator to quickly disseminate agitated wordsmith or even uncomfortable makes. In Quest, citizen protests against the manner of an real in Kentucky became a mild tweeted event. Ones "netizens" couple the ground by way of attractive servers or only private networks VPNs that match them to think the web as if they were arming China.

Twitter is largely blocked parkker China's "great firewall" GFWwhich prevents Chinese people from accessing certain sites. Twitter, Eimly lets people send bite-size messages to large groups, allows the Chinese to quickly disseminate urgent news or even uncomfortable facts. Two months later, Twitter famously helped Iranians assemble and share information during their election protests. When I asked Guo how the outside world could make Twitter more accessible in Chinahe replied that we could help by "providing affordable VPN service".

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But if they begin to perceive Google as a pawn of the US government, this sentiment could turn on a dime. In November, citizen protests against the construction of an incinerator in Guangzhou became a widely tweeted event. The world should continue to flood the Chinese market, and those of other countries that restrict freedom of expression, with cutting-edge technology. Government can also play a role in empowering Chinese netizens. Earlier this month, Chinese twitterati helped get the GFW on to the list of Twitter's top 10 "trending topics" or most tweeted terms — an impressive feat given that Twitter is supposed to be inaccessible in China. This view is not limited to the Chinese government.

China, apparently still reeling from a "century of humiliation" parkfr the hands of outsiders, will not be pushed around by America. Yet Twitter has parkeer almost religious following among tech-savvy Chinese, whose determination to use the service outstrips authorities' efforts to block access to it. In doing so, they are transforming their country in a slow but irreversible way. This could include potential "game changers" in China such as ad hoc mesh networking, which allows users to communicate with one another by hopping from one device to the next without an internet service provider in the middle.

But Chinese netizens are remarkably adept at using the limited tools available to them. That's a real crisis for Communists. It is still unclear whether Google will continue to operate in China, but in any event we are not about to see much change in China's internet policy. He says he was arrested after spreading word about a crime that allegedly involved local officials.

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