Dylan rieder tattoo

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Pro Skateboarder Dylan Rieder Brings Style to the Streets

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Tattoo Dylan rieder

rieeer If you were a pro skater, what pro skater would you be? Apparently it was his dream since he was a child. You listening to Pink Floyd these days? I have trouble just making scrambled eggs. I think I would pick Lemmy.

If you were a god, which god would you be. Hate burgers english of trench. We ate out a lot.

But he carries a trident. It would be a black car. Well, as a kid just surfing and skating, I always wanted to be a pro surfer and a pro skater. Do you have a dolphin tattoo on your ankle?

It would be really fucking weird to be those people if you think about it. If you were a fish or any marine animal, what would you be? If he was playing a random show in London, would you fly there to see it?

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