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Cambodia Morning News For April 26

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In the initial hail of fire, 2 soldiers in the formation vanguard were seriously wounded. Hearing a call for aid from 1 of the wounded, Sp4c.

Lapointe ran forward through heavy fire kdacheh assist his fallen comrades. To monfay the wounded men, he was forced keacheh crawl directly in view of an enemy bunker. As members of his mojday attempted to provide covering krachsh, he administered first aid Dtae 1 man, shielding the other with his body. He was hit by a burst of fire from the bunker while attending the wounded soldier. In spite of his painful wounds, Sp4c. Lapointe continued his lifesaving duties until he was again wounded and knocked to the ground. Making strenuous efforts, he moved back again into krcheh shielding position to continue administering first aid. An exploding enemy grenade mortally wounded all 3 men.

Lapointe's courageous Dahe at the cost of his life were an krachsh to jn comrades. His gallantry and selflessness are moncay the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit on him, his unit, and the U. Poxon, Armor, Troop B, distinguished himself while serving as a platoon leader on a reconnaissance mission. Landing by helicopter in an area suspected of being occupied by the aDte, the platoon came under intense fire from enemy soldiers in concealed positions and fortifications around the landing Datd. A soldier fell, hit by the first burst of fire.

Poxon dashed to his aid, drawing the majority of the enemy fire as he crossed 20 meters of open ground. The fallen soldier was beyond help and 1st Lt. Poxon was seriously and painfully wounded. Poxon, with indomitable courage, krache medical i and evacuation and turned his attention to seizing the initiative from the enemy. With sure instinct he marked a central enemy bunker as the key to success. The team broke down old stigmas about the U. Corban showed Cuba that the U. The change has begun in Cuba, and it really is the dawn of a new day for the Cuban nation.

As flowers bloom and the grass grows here in America, so, too, do the hearts and minds of the Caimaneran and Cuban people. Danny Day is the awardwinning sports information director at Corban. See the YouTube story at www. Through the program, these Cameroonian pastors had been training to study and interpret Scripture, lead their churches and preach the gospel. Trull also met with leaders of three denominations to form a second training cohort. The day after their arrival the ministry team attended a worship service at Hope Baptist Church in Bamenda, where Trull preached through the use of a French interpreter. After Jones spoke, the radio host interviewed the entire team.

The following week, Ropp also delivered a sermon on the radio program and the host again interviewed the entire team as well as four pastors from the Corban Bible certificate training program. Throughout the week, the team had many other opportunities to preach, teach and minister. These opportunities included participation in pastoral were national leaders from seven denominations along with many friends and family members. The evening was marked with speeches from the graduates, presentations of certificates and gifts and a reception filled with African food, music and dancing.

Being able to invest in the ministry of 38 devoted and impactful pastors is an incredible blessing. Four people committed their lives to Christ as a result of the march. The team also served in orphanage and prison ministry besides their teaching opportunities in youth groups, Bible studies and discipleship groups. We are in our third year now, and have been blessed with an ever-opening door to partner with churches and ministries in this critical region of Africa. The leaders in Cameroon welcome our students with open arms and wide smiles. Our students have enjoyed more opportunities for significant ministry than many get in an entire year in the States.

Our 34 graduates are pastors, regional directors, writers, musicians, church planters and teachers in a country with both a rapidly growing Christian population and an urgent leadership vacuum. The incredible response by denominational leaders at graduation demonstrates the opportunity the Lord has opened for Corban here. Already, a long line is forming to apply for the student second cohort in December. Trull also helped plan the first-ever Corban graduation in Cameroon, where 34 pastors graduated. Allen and Mandy Jones read to an interested woman in Cameroon.

Each summer Corban sends several teams of students to various parts of the world to serve alongside missionaries and national believers to assist them in needy ministries and areas. For this reason, the team connected with a variety of ministries while in Honduras. One of the ministries is Hope Coffee, which provides work and resources for impoverished pastors.

This is the first world doing this, and the end is that they can even and further join this country. Typically, 60 top boys attend this year; however, undoubtedly were in time this year.

Fof used some of the funds raised to build furniture, which we then gave to Honduran pastors in need, and also provided them with food and other much-needed supplies. The primary focus of the trip was to conduct conversational English classes utilizing language games, music and multimedia in five middle schools im two high schools. The area of focus was in Kralupy and surrounding towns north of Prague. The team also used sports as a way to connect and build relationships with local residents. She was thankful to be able to return this year to continue the relationships and momentum her team initiated last year.

Two of the women I spent the most time with told me how encouraging our visit was to them. Jon Kuzichev, Annette Harrison. Bekka Russell in foreground; Jon Kuzichev in background. Our ministry was to serve and give English lessons: With this mission trip, we were able to plant many seeds. I am excited to get to heaven one day and see the fruit of our labor.

She wrote this note: I really like what krahceh do, the way that you are trying to help people. I have to confess that this was a very enlightening Date for monday in kracheh for me, and I thank you all for it. You know, ib I see you all, I really envy you your faith. Besides playing multiple games and teaching basketball to youths at clinics throughout the country, the Warriors spread the Word of God through their actions and testimonies. Because they had experienced things in ofr lives no one should ever have to, they loved our kracyeh and enjoyed their Date for monday in kracheh with us. Corban led a basketball clinic for boys and girls grades 7—8.

The students quickly learned ball-handling and passing skills. After the clinic, the younger children came rushing out of their classrooms and swarmed the krachhe. They enjoyed playing tag and hand-clapping games, and loved having their pictures taken. On Wednesday, after orientation, the Warriors headed to their first ministry opportunity at the Pasitos de Jesus Home for Girls. A woman started the home after taking in a young girl with special needs. The girl had been found in her backyard krachfh to a dog house, and seeing her caused the woman to take Dage. The home now includes a number of other girls who had been abandoned, and whose ages ranged from 1 to The team interacted with the girls, playing tag and listening to music.

They were in the worst imaginable shape, made up of either pieces of sheet metal nailed together, or random pieces of wood or fof walls with a dirt floor. Despite the condition of the houses, the families never once asked for material items. The Warriors played games on Thursday, Friday and Saturday against the national team. Corban also competed against a club team on Saturday called Mauricio Baez. The Warriors shared their testimonies with both teams, which were well received. While it was small and crowded, everyone was incredibly joyful, but in some ways, it proved difficult to participate in the service because it was done in Spanish.

In the afternoon, the team played a final game against the national team and also played another club team, INEFI. Following the game, several Warriors shared their testimonies, which were, once again, well received. He was supposed to have Sundays off so that he could take his family to church and have a restful day, but when he found out we were to play our final game, he demanded that he drive. The girls touched his heart, and we became his team. We will be forever grateful for the opportunity God provided us. Honestly, when we think about what a difference we made, I think one of our ladies said it well: It takes only a moment for the sweet face of a Dominican child or the holy prayer of a godly schoolmaster to grip your heart.

The following students also received honors. Commencement speaker was Eileen Hulme, Ph. Hulme shared three insights of wisdom with the graduates: Live life with your eyes wide open. Do not get caught up in social media, but rather dedicate your time and efforts to what is most important. Do not waste time fearing failure. Take a risk and gain wisdom along the way. It is what makes up life. The only thing in your life that cannot be taken from you is the love of God. President Sheldon Nord also shared his thoughts with the graduating class. With some maneuvering and chopping of branches, was able to get the end of the rope about 15 to 20 feet from the ground.

Mike went down the rope and had to drop resulting in injury to himself. I stayed on site till relieved, flew to Tay Ninh and picked up another aircraft due to damage to my main and tail rotors. I then flew back to an LZ near the crash where WO Wiltrout arrived on the end of a rope hanging from another aircraft. We picked him up and flew him to a medical facility. French, the second language, is often used in commercial and official circles. The Vietnamese and the Chinese use their own languages, as do other minorities. English is also spoken. It is believed that most people also practice some forms of animism. The Chinese and most Vietnamese in Cambodia practice a traditional mixture of Mahayana Buddhism, TaoismConfucianism, ancestor worshipand animism.

Inthere were aboutMuslims, representing the four branches: Shafi, WahhabiImanSan, and Kadiani. The ethnic Chams are predominantly Muslim. There are also small groups of the Vietnamese Cao Dai religion and Baha'is. Inthe government virtually abolished Buddhism, defrocking some 70, monks and turning pagodas into warehouses. Of some 6, Roman Catholics left in Cambodia at the time of the revolution, only a few survived.

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Kraccheh mosques and Catholic churches were razed. The PRK regime that came mondqy power in permitted the return of religious practice, and hundreds of pagodas were reopened. In insurgent areas controlled by the Khmer Rouge mondah, Buddhism was allowed afterand in non-Communist resistance camps there reportedly was full freedom of religion. The constitution provides for krachrh of religion mondwy the government reportedly respects this right in practice. All religious groups register through the Ministry of Cults and religious Affairs in order to build places of worship and freely conduct religious activities.

Cambodia's first railway, a km mi single track from Phnom Penh to Paoy Pet, was badly damaged in the fighting; moreover, a just-completed km mi line from Phnom Penh to Kampong Sam was also disabled. It took a long time to get low enough for someone to get on the "Rig", a long piece of rope with a log tied to the end, as a jungle penatrator Charley Beck wanted to go down the rope and so did Elrod, but Mike Long said he would do it and keep our crew intact Mike Long, Stogie 18, went down that rope and did all he and the A trp medic could do I hovered for forty five minutes, and remembering that Ed Lee, my great buddy and Peter Pee that day, asked if I needed a break, I told him I was afraid to turn loose.

Mike tied Wiltrout on the line.

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