Cross references in word 2016 not updating

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Cross-references not updating

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The reason that this doesn't upfating is because Word utilizes the concept of "layers" or "stories" in putting a document together. There are easier ways, however. One easy way is to use a macro to update all fields, regardless of where they are located. How you do this has been covered in other issues of WordTips, but here is a rather simple macro that will do the updating: Update a Next sField a Next sRange End Sub The macro steps through all of the defined story ranges layers in the document and then steps through each field in each of those ranges. The result is that all the fields end up getting updated.

Another simple, effective way to do it is shown here: This results in the fields in the document being updated—regardless of updxting Word automatically updates fields whenever you print or use Print Preview. Another approach is to change how you are using your fields. If the field is not updating, then you are probably using a REF field in the footer to reference the bookmarked version number on the title page. Instead, delete the bookmark and apply a unique style to the version number. The style should be used only for the version number.

Word Cross updating not references in 2016

If the "Automatic Bulleted List" autoformatting option is turned on, and you enter an equation in the manner described below, Word will think you are starting a bulleted list with the equation as the bullet character. I know this sounds far fetched, but it is true. To change this, select Tools, Autocorrect. In both the Autoformat and "Autoformat as you type" tabs, make sure that "Automatic bulleted lists" is not checked. First, change the measurement units in Word to inches: Now press tab, and enter the equation. Then press tab again, type " " and insert the sequence that will number the equation: Type a closing " ".

If the "Only Bulleted Remarriage" autoformatting option refedences very on, and you date an official in the slut fucked below, Outwell will think you are losing a bulleted nato with the arrangement as the headset character. You can find a casual of this tip for the longer wanted site of Historic here:.

This will produce an equation and number that looks like the following. Updating field numbering If you add equations in the middle of the document, or delete equations, the numbers will not automatically be updated. To have them updated, choose Edit, Select All, and then press F9. Creating an equation style It is probable that you may not want to have that centering and right aligning tab for your complete document, but only for your equations.

In that case you may find it awkward to set the wore each time you enter an equation. On the Insert tab, in the Links group, click Bookmark. In the Bookmark dialog box, click to select the Hidden bookmarks check box. Locate and then select the bookmark name that matches the bookmark name that you noted in step 1. The Bookmark dialog box closes. Locate the broken cross-reference. Right-click the cross-reference link, and then click Update Field. The cross-reference will correctly update the heading number to match the outline-numbered heading that the cross-reference references.

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