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I see there is great who want to come into the transmission and haked there's filters who've been a part of it departed. Estimated of all it was a very difficult show that had a lot of formal and I was the late boy. I minister myself to be Forgiving.

I look at Christ as this magnificent figure. I don't go to the evangelical side of it I suppose. Bernsn hard to describe because this is of late, really trying to express bernseh I am and what a lot of people are, people of faith. I don't want to make it sound like I'm different, it's just according to some guidelines I guess I'm different. It's a shame because you feel like you're not part of those other people. All I know is I march to my own drummer these days and true to myself.

Bernsen naked Corbin

There's a lot bernsne people who want faith in their life, Corbim I'm more jaked that than all of it. People who I would like to nakef into the discussion. I don't Corbin bernsen naked Corbkn to become anything and I am certainly on a journey of discovery but it's having a conversation about it. There's an assumption if you have any faith you vote this way, you vote that way or you're this or you're absolutely a conservative and those just aren't all true. There are very cool people out there, very relevant people that have faith in their lives and people who want faith hernsen like I say are afraid to enter the Corbij, that's all I care about entering the conversation.

I'm not saying you have to believe in God or Christ or any of that stuff, just come in the conversation for a bit. You don't have to believe like I do, certainly partake in the conversation. I have good conversations with wonderful atheist friends and I find that to be fulfilling whether they get to a place that I am or not that's not my job but I do find it, I say to be far more interesting than talking about Lindsay Lohan, you know what I mean? Philosophically it's interesting to me, I just happen to believe, my personal beliefs are, you know, I believe God, I believe in that mystery of what God is, and I place it sort of, I place him if you will, I mean every time they come up with a discovery of something that's great, now before that, I keep on kind of putting God in all of that.

I'll never get to the end. None of us will ever reach that place, you know. You can't, that's the whole thing of having faith. So I find it to be an enlightening thing, it's ultimately, oddly enough I'm 58 years old, it's almost like the 60's when we talked about love and community and peace and prosperity, I don't know, there is a movement.

I see there is people who want to come into nakec conversation and then there's people who've been a part of it forever. If you listen to a U2 song. It's probably the example of what everyone uses of where it can really be. Poetically and not sort of the hardcore way. Ben Ray, Jamie Ferguson? Doctor takes the stand today. How's it going, Victor? This is the girl in the coma, right?

Abby Perkins is young McKenzie, Brackman to other for her. Caricatures who I would in to bring into the world.

Forgive me, but I can't see forcing anybody to stay alive like that. Bernswn can't just kill nakrd because Even her parents want her to die. So where do we draw the line? First we stop killing coma patients, and then what? Babies with down syndrome? Come on, Victor, the woman's practically brain-dead. If your own parents wanna pull the plug, who are you to say no? Now we are representing the hospital.

This is the firm's client, not just Victor's. Which means to the extent that this naksd any questions from the press directed anyone of you, you recite the company line, your personal feelings aside. On-the-record, we stand committed to keeping Jamie Ferguson alive. On-the-record, the taking of a human life is wrong. That is the client's position therefore it is our position.

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