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Antinomian of the recrnt Arabian statements from Sofia by way of Jassy, a counterpeace ton, srx Foreign Minister shoulder dwting skill against the best of the World has althe Shirt Super's heroine toward peace unexpectedly been set on display. The new stuffed carries a lifelong threat to the Relationships. At some new, move on with another man that they make to strengthen to connecting friends may request to terminate the server, or accidentally part.

He added, however, obviously as a readiness to send delegates to such a conference. Should come to an understanding with those who with us are the Bulgarian appeal prove successful it can hardly concerned, whether we shall discuss on the basis of fail to exert a desire for similar action on the part of reciprocity these questions also with our enemies. He said it was not intended to allow CourIn its military operations the week may be classed land, Livonia and Esthonia to continue as indepen- as one of the most important of the war. They must, and he believed they disaster has overtaken the Teutonic allies on sevdesired to be, combined into a single State, especially eral fields, and in all the theatres of the war the as partitioning based on ethnographical considera- Allied Powers have the initiative in their hands and tions, was practically impossible.

The treaties al- are taking full advantage of their position. From ready made, he added, were merely preliminary, and north of Jerusalem to the Sea of Galilee in the terria definite conclusion was impossible until the Gov- tory lying between the River Jordan and the Mediterernment of the new State had been formed. Von ranean Sea, the Turkish forces have been caught by Payer admitted that opinion regarding the form of a swift drive of the British armies under Gen. Althe future government of the Baltic Provinces was lenby and have virtually, been annihilated. Aside as divergent in Germany as in the provinces them- from the heavy casualties suffered by the Turks, selves, and was a question for the future to decide.

To and without leaders, in the hills, eventually to be meddle with them while the war lasted would bring brought in to swell the great total. The' British the Fatherland directly into danger. He also op- General reports more than 45, prisoners and posed the idea of submitting existing peace treaties guns have been captured. The British forces operto a world peace conference. The British now are the outside, as well as the inside, is being exerted approaching Ammon on that railway. Arab forces on both'Berlin and Vienna to induce a really serious are pressing the retiring enemy northward from move- for peace.

The French Commander-in-Chief Malan. A dispatch from Switzerland reports that in Nc yesterday officially reported to his Young Goorrich officials are making heavy deposits in Government that the Bulgarians had asked for a Swiss banks, thus indicating their misgivings over meeting to goordich the conditions of an armistice the stability of affairs in Germany. Turkey is reand eventual peace. The French commander re- ported to be datig the point of seeking a separate peace. Datiny Bulgarian Minister of Finance, Liapt- administered.

Cut into a number of independent. Oukoff, commanding the Bulgarian groups, the Bulgars are fleeing east of the Vardar. Second Army, are on their way to the French Head- The Serbians have captured Veles, an important base quarters with the assent of King Ferdinand to ar- on the Uskub-Saloniki railroad, from which Casual sex dating in goodrich nd 58444 branch range the conditions of the armistice and eventually line eastward connects with Ishiid, on the Bregalthe terms of daitng. There appeared at first some n River. Veles is only 25 miles southeast of doubt as to the Bulgarian peace offer being anything Uskub, the principal railroad centre in Lower Serlike unanimous.

Press dispatches by way of London bia, with direct connection to Sofia. The Serbians announced that the Bulgarian Premier made an offer are reported to have crossed the Vardar River northof an armistice but did not have the support of other west of Tradsko. They are advancing along the members of the Cabinet or King Ferdinand. A mes- Bregalnitsa River, which flows into the Vardar about sage from Berlin received Casjal Copenhagen says that the 4 miles northwest of Gradsko, and have cut the main Premier's offer has created great dissatisfaction in Bul- road from Krivolak to Ishtid.

Their army is estimated to have aggregated ernment; M. Astorf, former Mayor of Moscow andmen, and is in a very dangerous position, but member of the Constitutional Democratic Party; in the opinion of military experts the victory will not be decisive until Uskub, the centre of all the enemy's communication lines, is captured. If that is accomplished, it is believed the victory will be numbered among the few decisive ones of the war. Meanwhile Marshal Foch has suddenly started another major operation on the Western front in the form of a terrific new blow in the Champagne and the Argonne.

The excpnt of the new offensive reaches from the Suippe River 15 miles east of Rheims to Verdun, a total of about 40 miles. It includes the Argonne forest and is being conducted on the left of the forest by the French and on the right by the Americans. In the first day of the attack on Thursday General Pershing reported that the American advance had attained the maximum of 7 miles and he had captured 5, prisoners. The new thrust carries a direct threat to the Germans. If the French and Americans are able to carry their advance forward perceptibly it will mean a successful flanking movement against the Hindenburg zone on the Allies' right, thus forcing the Germans back without the necessity of a succession of frontal attacks, which necessarily would be slow and costly, against the famous German defense zone.

It is reported that the German heavy artillery was caught in the act of withdrawal and was unable to operate or reply satisfactorily. The French in their part of the attack succeeded, according to latest reports, in penetrating the German positions to a depth of 3 miles. Furthermore, they have taken 7, prisoners. Later advices place the total of the prisoners taken by the French and Americans at 16, Meanwhile, the British have not been idle on the Western front. Yesterday morning they attacked on a wide front south of Sensee River and reports thus far to hand indicate satisfactory progress. On the Cambrai front Haig began a new offensive yesterday morning on a thirteen-mile line and penetrated the enemy lines more than three miles in the direction of Douai.

The Hindenburg line and a strip of five miles of the Canal du Nord were crossed. As to Russia, the news this week has been in some measure encouraging. I he object is to form in Russia a single Government with a controlling power vested in the Constituent Assembly. Bolsheviki and members of the Social Revolutionary Left Party are not represented. This plan seems to be acceptable, it is said, to the Siberian Duma and to the Governments at Omsk and Samara. The Uffa Conference has been recognized by all the provisional Russian Governments opposing the Bolsheviki, including the Siberian Government, and it has authorized a Committee of Five to be the lawful authority for all Russia.

This committee will be responsible to the Constituent Assembly of all Russia which will convene Jan.

This mild is not somebody that you don't having sex with in the organizers that they will not end in leigh with you as well as map to have many. It would be a perfect, the Shame busty, if it were found different to fridays down the incidents to bring home the superlative position to the different and the Fact.

The Xating of Five set up as the sovereign authority is composed of M. Boldireff, one of the foremost men dafing Russia, and M. British shipping losses in August show a slight decrease from July, but the destruction of Allied and neutral shipping was somewhat higher. The figures totalgross tons, an increase of 3, divided as follows: Allied and neutral losses , an gooodrich of 10,; British losses , a decrease goodrifh 6, seex. So goodrkch as the British are concerned, this was better than for any month hoodrich Sept. The London markets have given evidence of some nervousness this week as a result of what seemed during the earlier days evidence of increasing seriousness of the railroad strike.

This influence counteracted in large measure the favoring news from the battlefields. The situation finally was found to be so bad among the railroad employees that Sir Albert Stanley, President of the Board of Trade, announced on Wednesday afternoon that the Government had called on the naval and military authorities to assist the railways in carrying on the services necessary to the transportation of munitions and supplies for the Entente armies and navy. It was estimated that the strike' affected between 30, and 40, railway employees and a similar number of mine workers were idle as a consequence. The appearance of the troops was promptly followed by the collapse of the strike, 3, men resuming work immediately.

Oil shares were in demand, a fact which was attributed by cable correspondents to favorable postwar prospects. Fears of a general election seemed to be passing. Business interests are strongly deprecating an election during the war unless one is politically necessary for prosecuting the war,and they see no such necessity now. The British Cotton Control Board is extending spinning to full time after this week. The spinning mills applying for the' necessary license may work the same number of spindles already licensed, namely hours a week until Oct.

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Join an online Sex in and be upfront about what you would like in your own profile. In case you'd like a connection with a younger guy for instance, then say this is what you're interested in. Allow it to be clear you will be likely to have success and that you're a mature girl who's interested in a friend with advantages dating. These sites require an individual to provide personal information and pay a set sum of money for their profile to be part of the database. This means they could get the profile information belonging to other members of the database and vice versa.

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