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And before you say, "Hey, where is Aspen Pittman's Tube Amp Book," I don't know. For some reason doesn't have it in their catalog. Sorry!

The Books:

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General information, repairs, and projects

A Desktop Reference of Hip Vintage Guitar Amps by Gerald Weber

This little handbook is similar in flavor to Pittman's Tube Amp Book, except that all the Groove Tube hype is replaced with Kendrick hype. Still, it's useful for its collection of schematics, listings of electronic manufacturer codes, an article by former Ampeg tech Ken Fischer, and the general tips and hints.

The Complete Guide to Guitar and Amp Maintenance by Ritchie Fliegler

Electronic Projects for Musicians by Craig Anderton

Do-It-Yourself Projects for Guitarists : 35 Useful, Inexpensive Projects That Help You Unlock Your Instrument's Potential by Craig Anderton

These two books by well respected musical electronics journalist Craig Anderton will introduce the neophyte to building custom effects and other useful electronic gadgets. No electronic experience is necessary, as Craig guides you through the basics. You can build the projects as detailed, but many offer modifications so you can tailor them to suit your specific needs. Also be aware that PAIA offers many of the projects in these books as either etched circuit boards, or complete parts kits.

Guitar Player Repair Guide : How to Set-Up, Maintain, and Repair Electrics and Acoustics by Dan Erlewine

Longtime columnist and respected repairman Dan Erlewine guides you through handing some of your own guitar setups and repairs.

General history and collecting

Electric Guitars and Basses : A Photographic History by George Gruhn, Walter Carter (paperback)

Electric Guitars and Basses : A Photographic History by George Gruhn, Walter Carter (hardcover)

This book contains some history and photographs of not only famous maker instruments, but also some of the more obscure. There is beautiful photography throughout, including some Ampeg instruments.

Guitar Stories by Michael Wright

If you like some of the more "off-brand" and bizarre instruments, then you should check out this book. Wright focuses more on the lesser known domestic and imported instruments. There is mention of the Ampeg Stud series as well as the many knock-offs of the Dan Armstrong See Throughs.

Picks! : The Colorful Saga of Vintage Celluloid Guitar Plectrums by Will Hoover

Now, whoda thunk that picks would become collectible, or that there would be a book's worth of material about them? Here it is.

The Bass Book: A Complete Illustrated History of Bass Guitars by Tony Bacon, Barry Moorhouse

Honestly, I thought this book could have been a little more comprehensive than it is. But I believe it's the only book that deals exclusively with the history of the electric bass, and it does do a decent job. There is nice photography, including some Ampeg instruments (but no Baby Bass!).

The Ultimate Guitar Book by Tony Bacon, Paul Day

Again, another book that could be more comprehensive than it is, especially given the title, but it does have some gorgeous photographs and includes some of the lesser known brands as well as some extensive coverage of major brands. Also includes sections on acoustic instruments and very modern instruments, forming overall a sort of timeline approach to the guitar.

Specific Manufacturers

Fender : The Sound Heard 'Round the World by Richard R. Smith, William Koon (Editor), Tom Wheeler (Editor)

One big, comprehensive, well thought-of book by respected authors about what is arguably the most famous guitar and amplifier maker in the world.

Fender Amps : The First Fifty Years by John Teagle, John Sprung

Another big, comprehensive, well thought-of book by respected authors about what is arguably the most famous guitar and amplifier maker in the world, but this time dealing specifically with just the amplifiers.

The Fender Amp Book by John Morrish

Another, smaller book dealing with Fender amps.

The Fender Book/A Complete History of Fender Electric Guitars by Tony Bacon, Paul Day

Another Bacon/Day book, in their typical style.

Guitar Legends : The Evolution of the Guitar from Fender to G & L by George Fullerton

Who better to write about Leo Fender's companies and influence than someone that was there from the beginning?

Sound of Rock : A History of the Marshall Valve Amp by Mike Doyle

Correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm sure someone will!), but unlike all the books that have sprouted up about Fender, I believe this is the only book on the history of Marshall.

The History of Rickenbacker Guitars by Richard R. Smith

A big book on the history of the unique instruments made by Rickenbacker.

The Rickenbacker Book by Tony Bacon, Paul Day

About 200 pages shorter than Smith's book, here is the Bacon/Day take on Rickenbacker.

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