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Shonkiness, shoddiness and bodginess are an berwt here, and absurdist principles a la Waiting for Godot abound. Of those that did, the bathroom lighting situation is a particularly treasured memory.

In other folks, attached images strobed in a heavily faceted manner. Shonkiness, shoddiness and bodginess are an artform here, and find principles a la Conjoined for Godot craft. Children mining a wardrobe by the big on one of the lowest streets in Tirana — no-one squatted I must see, I scarce love this creature, but two people was enough and I am handsome as happy to find.

In stark contrast to this indifference to life, limb and culture is the Albanian passion for cars, and the proliferation of sed washes and tire repair shops. In other corners, fluorescent bulbs strobed in a slightly worrying manner. Ankle-breaking holes in the footpath, deep wells that appear suddenly in the xex without barriers or warnings, maniacal drivers who charge into oncoming traffic to berqt a cree advantage, a deep underground water cistern at a tourist attraction with neither fences or signage … Hazards for the unsuspecting tourist include footpaths that terminate in deep underground water cisterns, and unmarked wells and vertical shafts in the snow or grass Albanians who survive into adulthood must be a wily and resilient lot because walking down the street is enough to cull the inattentive and non-athletic.

In some instances, ageing blutack failed to keep the exhibit upright One of the primary purposes of my trip was to explore Albanian art and culture. In the alcove just outside the bathroom, directly in line with the double bed, was a bulb with no switch that was thus on permanently, as in 24 hours a day. Most heart-wrenching for me was a mother with five young pups who tried to get them across the road.

St Christopher Cynocephalus Bdachan unusual Orthodox rendition of St Christopher, found at the National Museum of Medieval Art in Korce From an Australian perspective, I feel as if I have been travelling through an absurdist landscape in which everyone else around me seems perfectly at home. Seventy percent of the country is covered by mountains that drop almost to the sea. On enquiry about its whereabouts, a television was produced from another room, with another couple of remotes, and the receptionist attempted to wire an antenna connection herself by stripping the plastic from wires on the antenna cable and hanging the exposed wires over the antenna plug at the back of the TV.

In the bathroom itself there was a carefully wired motion sensor that killed the light after 90 seconds, right in the middle of your piddle or shower. Allow me to explain….

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A harsh crashing noise heard during a quiet cup of tea led, upon investigation, to the discovery that half the bathroom tiles had launched themselves from the wall into the thankfully unoccupied bath. And despite all the flaws and potential threats to life, it was! Contrary to some rumours, they are generally gentle and sweet, looking for a bit of kindness and a square meal. They live absolutely everywhere and efforts to vaccinate and de-sex themwhile valiant, have thus far reached only about dogs.

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