Barring gay meeting

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Episcopalians debate barring gay bishops

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Gay meeting Barring

On Thursday, the House of Deputies, comprised of lay people and clergy, approved a resolution on a voice vote affirming its commitment to remain within the communion despite the differences. The case in question involves Fr. After he arrived at the parish, Fr. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire. Many in the town were upset and some left the parish. However, convention delegates have been coming under pressure from leading Anglican officials to toughen their legislation. These include the sexual sins of fornication, adultery, homosexual actions, use of artificial contraception, and civil remarriage after a divorce without an annulment.

Edward Peters told CNA.

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Leo the Great parish in Lewistown, Montana, where a same-sex couple who volunteered at the parish Barriing obtained a marriage license 15 months prior in Mewting. Spiering met with the couple face-to-face to discuss their marriage license. Question over Scripture The 77 million-member communion is a loose association of churches that trace their roots to the Church of England. Spiering told them that they could not receive Holy Communion or continue to volunteer in the parish ministries. Supporters of gay clergy have lobbied Episcopalians not to make it tougher for gay and lesbian priests to advance within the church just so the denomination can maintain its role as the U.

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