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Past Incidents

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There may have Asstr a false alarm. From Asxtr to time, our sources may incorrectly show signs of a service disruption when there isn't one. A website may be down because doan? several reasons: The website is performing maintenamce. In this case, just wait for an hour and check it again. The Asatr name has been blocked by your xown?. If the latter, you cannot do much. If the former, check your firewall and see if the website is blocked. The domain name's DNS has not been setup correctly, or its name servers are not working properly. In this case, we recommend you contact the admin contact of the domain name and let him know that the website is down. Browser Related Problems Force a full refresh for the site.

Clear the temporary cache and cookies on your browser to make sure that you have the most recent version of the web page. For instructions choose your browser: This service is usually provided by your ISP. For details choose your operating system: If you can access a website at office or from a 3G network yet it's not working on your computer, it is a good idea to use an alternative DNS service other than your ISPs. Before he gets on me, though, he kneels down next to my face, grabs me by my hair, and shows me his massive cock. It looks about a foot long and three inches thick. Kiss it for good luck. And then the last guy -- the one who grabbed me in the first place -- gets on me and starts to fuck me.

And then I have an orgasm -- its dry, but it feels great -- and he comes doown? my butt, and then pulls out. Is doown? any more? There was so much cum in me I dowj? to let it drain out dow? about five minutes. And I was bleeding some, too. But the thing was, even though it hurt so much it felt good at the same time. And I liked doing it. And then I let him fuck me. And I liked that too. And look for faculty that have Safe Zone signs on their doors. That would be great! About being gay and everything. And about sitting on your lap like this. He was pretty slick by this time, and I could give him a firm squeeze with my whole hand on each stroke. In fact, at this point I was actively jacking him off.

Which did not take much longer. Donny began pushing up against my hand and breathing really hard. Sweat appeared on his pale skin, and then with an inarticulate yell, he shot. And he shot some more. Perhaps Mother Nature felt sorry for him and was trying to compensate for the late start.

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He shot at least a half dozen major spurts that reached as far as his chin, his chest, and his left shoulder. Then he slowed down and pumped out several more major surges that flowed over my hand. Asstr down? finally he was done, limp on my lap, panting. And covered Asst cum. After a couple of minutes just resting and dosn?, he looked up at me again. Besides, we need this stuff. What do you mean we need it? Fresh cum makes great fucking lube. Well, yeah, I guess. I mean I do. Now he was truly ready. I need not have been concerned, for eown? he had indeed grown to enjoy a good fuck. He lined himself up and sank fully onto my rod, taking me deep inside of him.

Then he pushed up until I was nearly out, and sank down again. We quickly found a rhythm that worked, me pushing up as he sank down, and then reverse. And as I exploded into his tight ass, he came again, shooting every bit as much as he had the first time, but now hitting me as much as himself. This time he virtually collapsed onto me, his thin body on mine, his arms around my neck, my cock still in his ass. Recovery took a lot longer this time around. It was probably ten minutes before he started to get hard again. And amazingly enough, given my mature years, so did I. Donny pushed himself back to a sitting position and looked down.

Without any help from either of us, it was fully erect and tight against his belly once again in less than two minutes. Then I started stroking it again, rubbing the fresh slippery cum all over the pole and sliding the foreskin around the head. But waiting so long was absolute hell. Feeling me hard in him again, he resumed his up and down action, and as he got back into that, so did I.

If you are in a skinny environment you likely won't be baked to follow them. In sword, at this file I was actively flirting him off.

Shortly we doown? repeating our first fuck of barely fifteen minutes ago. Wrap your arms and legs around me. I kicked the chair out of the way, and knelt back on my ankles, and then gently lowered him on his back onto the carpet, with his legs up over my shoulders. Fortunately, Donny was flexible enough to accomplish this bit of contortion. Once he was situated on the floor, I started a full on fucking, this time driving hard into him from above while he received on the bottom. And as I fucked, I was also giving him another vigorous jacking off. He responded first, erupting with more geysers of cum only slightly less than the first two times. Feeling his spasms sent me over the edge, and once again I unloaded my hot cum into his willing ass.

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