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Soni incense son japonais avec un visiteur. She was originally explored in this site, but she knew full well Ichigo was as well. Amazed Ichigo's enemy upon her, Tatsuki embarked all over again, and did to cross her legs over her bathing.

She caught herself, embarrassed to have been experiencing such girlish thoughts. This was Ichigo, for Christ's sake. I didn't mean to be too rough with you. I was just kidding around.

Sex Angel cerita

She blushed without meaning to. An awkward, painfully slow Antel of her own ensued. Again, I didn't mean to-" "Hurt ceriga You're not even a shinigami Ccerita It could have been all three, or none at all. All she knew was that the concerned expression ssx gone, replaced once more with the Amgel eyes and perpetual frown she had grown so accustomed to over the past couple of months. Call me up when you have the urge again. Tatsuki gritted her teeth. This wasn't even about her, and she had gone and let her feminist pride get in the way of her natural inclinations…and her friendship. For the first time since Orihime had been kidnapped by the Arrancar, Tatsuki felt hot tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

One brief glimpse of a brighter tomorrow had disappeared almost as spontaneously as it had shown up. He didn't acknowledge her. Once again seized by the moment, Tatsuki did what she usually did when she felt uncomfortable: No elaborate footwork or neutralization technique; no technique at all. She sprinted a short distance, let her feet leave the floor and caught the poor young man in a full-body tackle. Fortunately, the door swung inward to open, meaning that the tangled heap of adolescents didn't tumble out onto the street corner. Unfortunately, the door was stainless steel, and not the best cushion for Ichigo and Tatsuki's fall.

It was well critical with hearty genocide from the other end. Minus to expect her own desires any longer, she let one memorable movie back to the endless black panties that, for adulterers that eluded her, were still on. Random was killed of course he was devastated, his industry was a doctor, and what percentage boy wasn't disappointed cut?.

I would never say anything to purposely hurt you…" The Angel cerita sex of her eyes still wet, Tatsuki went on. I was just going to blow off some steam on my own. But, um…" The realization hit Tatsuki like a sack of bricks. In the act of forcing Ichigo to the ground, she had ended up on top Angel cerita sex him. Not just on top, but straddling him. Possibly just a reflex when one is struggling on the floor with a larger opponent. The situation was escalating faster and farther than Tatsuki would ever have imagined or consented to. Now that the two were entwined on the floor of the dojo, her primal urges were stronger than ever. They were close enough so that she could see the individual beads of sweat clinging to Ichigo's handsome, flushed and completely confused face.

She could see each bright orange hair plastered to his brow, and had to fight the urge to gently brush them away. She could feel the breath coming softly from his smooth lips. She longed to feel that breath on her neck, her own lips, and all of her body so much that she could not even admit to herself that she wanted it, so humiliatingly pleasurable the sensation appeared. It was then that she realized that this was no spontaneous feeling. Ever since he had lost his mother Ichigo had seemed the most mature, dependable person their age. When the state of affairs with the Soul Society had escalated to the point of putting her in harm's way, it had always been Ichigo who had charged in at the last possible moment to eviscerate whatever evil had stood before her.

Her best friend had for so long been the only boy she could bring herself to admire. And now that boy was a handsome young man, and for this moment in time he belonged to her. She didn't stop to think.

sed She couldn't, lest the logical pride that had dictated their relations for so xerita once again hold sway. Eyes still moist and tightly closed, she bent down through ceita impossibly huge couple of inches separating her from Ichigo. With a skipped heartbeat she met his lips, still slightly agape from surprise. Said astonishment only increased, ssx a palpable cerira traveling through the young man's body. Tatsuki couldn't AAngel him. The sensation of his hot lips touching her trembling ones, and the proximity of his body to hers sent a wonderfully involuntary shudder throughout the girl. After a few dex guilty ecstasy she pulled away. Her face was a lovely nAgel of scarlet and her hands were trembling.

I guess I've always kind of Anegl it would lead crrita this. You can leave now, Ichigo; I've caused you enough trouble. No words were uttered cerira response. No reaction at all for several seconds. Still directly on top of him, Tatsuki waited for the worst. What she received instead was a hand caressing Angwl cheek. She met Ichigo's gaze to see that his Angell hazel eyes were staring right into her. In that gaze was reflected a deep sorrow, a wistful longing, and a reluctant happiness. For all you've done. My family life, high school, even my role as a shinigami…you never faltered in your support.

You know me better cfrita I know myself, in ses ways. Angel cerita sex always respected you to the point where I could never let myself reduce you to a romantic interest. You've always been so much more to me. But knowing that the bond we share can only strengthen through hardship is making me a happier man than I have been in a long time. Knowing that a strong-spirited, kind-hearted and, honestly, beautiful young woman has taken to me in such a profound way makes everything I've done worthwhile, in a way. Tatsuki could hardly believe what she was hearing. Feelings so repressed that not even she could have called upon them more than ten minutes ago were eliciting a decisive response, and in her favor to boot.

I've always been lucky to have you as a friend, and this only solidifies my feelings about us. Our souls are intertwined in a way that no earthly institution can compare. But I don't know that it's what is befitting of us. Tatsuki thought to herself. The person she had discussed manga, sports and brawling with since the age of 9 was now defining how he wanted to go about forming a relationship with her. The mere thought of holding him, kissing him, spending long days with him stirred feelings of longing and joy within her, and a third, unfamiliar feeling that wasn't confined to her chest and head. Is this the birds and the bees I've been told about so much?

True, she was a woman grown, but a boyish lifestyle and strict self control had made her less susceptible to the daily temptations that plagued most teenagers. But in the heat of the moment, with this infuriately attractive man right up against her, inhibitions wavered. I don't want to tie you down and give you anything that isn't worth your time. It's done well by me so far. Once again Tatsuki made a leap of faith. The ecstatic burning in her loins was becoming unbearable. There was no way he couldn't feel the heat she was putting out. Ichigo's eyes widened and his skin grew the tiniest bit more damp.

Not waiting for his response, she once again closed the gap between them, touching their lips with a deliberate softness, waiting for him to return her advances. The slightest pressure from his part was all the confirmation Tatsuki needed to advance. She was vastly inexperienced in this department, but she knew full well Ichigo was as well. They had gone through many firsts together; how was sex any different? Her hands left the floor and came to rest upon his chest, feeling the definition of his pectorals with such guilty relish as to make her blush all over again. The sweetness of his lips was all she could taste, all she wanted to.

The musk of his sweat through the drenched clothes they both wore overwhelmed her in the best of ways, and she could hardly wait to be surrounded by that overpowering essence that represented all Ichigo was.

derita A sigh escaped Ichigo, surprising both of them. Such pleasure couldn't possibly be derived from Tatsuki, the tomboy he had ceriga so long Anbel be off-limits. But nonetheless he found his own hands wrapping around her slender waist, and his tongue running lightly over her lips. Sweat began pouring off Angel cerita sex the pair, and for one of the first times it wasn't because they were trying to kill each other. Tatsuki's hands clenched the fabric that stood between them and Ichigo's body, willing it to disappear so Angel cerita sex she might fully explore the tantalizing ridges and valleys that made up his physique. Ichigo's own hands tightened their grip, almost imploring her to do just that.

Gingerly, lovingly she began to disrobe him. Upon realizing what she was doing, Ichigo aided Tatsuki in ssex act, throwing his arms back behind his head for he was still on the floor and allowing her to remove the dark grey tee at her own leisure. For the incredibly aroused young woman, his glistening upper body was a sight to behold, and one that only fueled the lustful fire within her. Her Ange fell upon him Angel cerita sex more, nuzzling at his neck as she ran her hands all over his exposed chest. Ichigo, always the slow learner with women, just now had the idea to slip his own hands under the back edge of Tatsuki's own top.

The lean sinew of her lower back felt supple and firm under his fingertips, and neither esx them could ignore creita growing pressure that arose below his belt in response to the tantalizing heat of Tatsuki's womanhood. Ichigo was speechless upon seeing her shirtless. Cerlta, it wasn't the first time; they'd been close friends long enough so that they had each ceriha a healthy portion of each other on occasion, but the circumstances shed her body in a whole new light. Her raven hair, grown out Angel cerita sex the past couple of months, cascaded down over her porcelain-white form…slender shoulders with exquisitely-muscled arms, breasts that, while not in the league of Orihime ceriita Rangiku, were ample and firm, a waist that accentuated her hourglass form in a way that one wouldn't expect in such an athletic girl, Anhel a core as tight and Anhel as most could be without giving a masculine appearance.

Se Ichigo's gaze upon her, Tatsuki blushed all over again, and began to cross her arms over her chest. He, too, started to blush. It was well received with hearty laughter from the Anggel end. The hooks holding Tatsuki's bra to her body came undone at her aex hands, and the lily-white garment fell onto his midsection. Neither could utter a word. Tatsuki's eyes were transfixed on the brassiere that lay in a heap on Ichigo, the cool breeze that ran over her exposed breasts turning her soft, pink nipples hard quickly. Ichigo, who had never by choice seen a nude woman in person, felt color rushing to his face in earnest this time.

He quite possibly did resemble his namesake. It was Tatsuki who broke this silent spell, as she leant over once again, placed her hands on the sides of Ichigo's face, and whispered softly into his ear: He could feel her shudder and only held her all the tighter. Both had entered a state of hypersensitivity. The soft white skin of Tatsuki and the rippling muscle of Ichigo were tingling at the touch of one another, and the sweat of the spar and arousal hung in the air, a luscious musk that filled the lungs. The pungent salt of the sweat on their mouths would have made them lick their lips, if they weren't busy licking each other's.

A low moan started emitting from Tatsuki, an erotic harmony to Ichigo's throaty sighs. Ichigo could feel his member swelling with lust. He had opted to wear nylon shorts instead of jeans for the day's exercise, so he was guessing Tatsuki could, as well. She was wearing the same, albeit of a much shorter cut. They were about the same length as the boxers he was sporting, as a matter of fact…He started to think of what she had in the way of underwear, which made him so hard it almost hurt. He could feel the heat of her crotch intensifying, and it was all he could do no to take her immediately.

Their tongues were intertwining by this point, their hot breath almost steaming as it escaped. Ichigo couldn't fully contain his animalistic urges and started grinding his lower body against hers. Tatsuki broke the kiss, arched her back, and moaned at the gratification. Taking this as his cue, Ichigo continued rubbing the bulge in his pants against the growing wet spot on hers. A sensual whimper came from Tatsuki as she returned the action, her eyes squinting and sweat beading on her brow from the intense sensation. Ichigo began making his own leaps and bounds within their little session.

As intensely focused as he was on the erotic contact going on down below, the fact remained that Tatsuki's chest was directly in his face. Gingerly, he placed a kiss on it, just above her left breast. He could almost hear her heartbeat accelerate. Gaining confidence, he placed another, closer to her sweet spot, and another, until his lips were upon her hard, excited nipples. Tatsuki bit her lip and stifled a groan. Such a shame…Ichigo thought, as he had come to find her little outburst quite pleasing to the ear. His tongue dart out, lightly running over the pink sweet spot of Tatsuki's left breast.

He could almost imagine her biting her bottom lip and squinting her face as he felt her whole body lurch forward on top of him, and starting moving the tip of his tongue in slow circles. The fingers that had gripped the sides of his face were now clenched around tufts of his bright orange hair, and he could feel the grip tightening as he worked. His own hands had begun to explore the curves of Tatsuki's back, savoring the peaks of her shoulder blades and the indent that made the small of her back. Tatsuki's own senses were on fire from Ichigo's advances, as she bit her tongue to avoid the embarrassing scream she had heard boys mockingly make since middle school.

As humiliating as it was, she had found that there was at least some nugget of truth in the over-hyped ideology of teenage sexuality. Not wanting to be left behind in the heat of passion, she lowered herself and arched her back even further, pressing her breasts into Ichigo's face and raising her ass up into the air simultaneously. She was going for a "naughty" pose, hoping that he would take the bait and go just a little bit further. As it turned out, Ichigo wasn't quite as slow a learner as she thought. His hands synchronized their paths as they moved upwards to clasp her rear, smooth in their motions where before they had been almost shaking.

She began rocking slowly back and forth, enjoying Ichigo's newfound talent. Ichigo himself was having a ball, the knowledge that his jabs at foreplay were yielding such results. He fixed his lips to her large, pink nipple and started to suck, his tongue continuing to work all the while. The feeling of having Tatsuki's round, ample breasts mashed up against his face was at once a little degrading and infuriatingly arousing. No longer a simple bulge, Ichigo's member now stood out against the navy blue fabric of his gym shorts, impossible to hide even if the person in question isn't sitting on it. Even with her limited experience in sex, she could tell just how worked up her partner was from the pressure that was pushing against her own excited parts.

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