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Ampeg: The Story Behind the Sound, the long awaited history of The Ampeg Company, is offered for sale here directly from the authors. See below or click here for more information.
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The Guestbook

In keeping with my desire for a free exchange of information, I've arranged for a guestbook in hopes that visitors to this site will post new sources of parts, parts, amps, or instruments they have for sale (Ampeg or Ampeg-related only, please!), or items they are searching for (again, try to restrict them to Ampeg-related needs). Feel free to ask questions, but the quickest response from me personally will still be by email; I'm hoping, however, to be able to draw on the collective knowledge of others on the net, so if you see a question that you have the answer for, by all means answer it!

Let's see how this goes! Oh, and I'd like everyone to respect each other, so try to refrain from flaming. Thanks!

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Please Note:

Many write to me asking if I know of a source for a certain part or if I might know what's wrong with your amp. I'm happy to help when I can, but please be aware that I'm not an amp tech. I collect information and present it, but I'm not qualified to give definitive answers regarding electronic problems. Please look first in the Quick Questions, Quick Answers section to see if I've already answered your question.

Also, while I'm sometimes unable to respond promptly, I do make an effort to respond to everyone. There have been a few people that I've tried to respond to, however, who didn't give me a valid email address, and my response bounced right back to me. Fortunately this happens seldom. If you wrote and haven't heard back, this might be why.

What's New:

Ampeg Book Project

Ampeg: The Story Behind the Sound co-authors Gregg Hopkins and Bill Moore are pleased to announce that the book was released by the Hal Leonard Corp. The project has taken the authors from coast to coast for research. Interested in purchasing a copy? The 288-page book is available directly from the authors. Click here to learn more about the book and for ordering information.

It is now too late to include any more information, but the authors are always interested in unearthing more Ampeg facts. Please contact Hopkins & Moore, 728 Karlsruhe Pl., St. Louis, MO 63125; phone or fax (314) 631-5030; or email

Can You Help?

If you are familiar with manufacturers' date codes on speakers and other amplifier components, and if you would be willing to participate in a survey to compile information to correlate manufacture dates to Ampeg chassis serial numbers, then please fill out the survey form. Of interest are Ampeg amplifiers made from the company's founding in 1946 until the time that Ampeg was bought by St. Louis Music in 1986.

Visit Ampeg's official web page!

This page includes information I've collected about amplifiers and instruments, as well as some general history, of the Ampeg company. This endeavor is in no way affiliated with the current Ampeg company or its parent company, St. Louis Music, Inc. (but I hope they like it). Check out Ampeg's web page.

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