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Mad Men - S07

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On their way to a meeting with a Jewish-owned department store, Don offers Pete some man-to-man advice about how his playboy escapades - despite the fact that his wedding is this Sunday - will make it hard to climb the ladder. Surprised to find a woman at the other end of the table - along with David Coen, a token Jewish employee from the mailroom - Don has little patience for Rachel Menken's demands to turn her store into the next Chanel nor her distaste for his less-than-innovative idea to offer coupons to housewives. As David reaches for the pitcher of bloody mary's, Pete follows closely behind Don to offer his superficial support. While everyone coughs through smoke rings, Roger advises that they are no longer allowed to advertise that cigarettes are safe and opens the floor to Don's big idea.

Silence fills the room as Don fumbles through papers and stammers over his words. Pete jumps up to fill the void, and he offers up the "death wish" psychology from Don's trashed report. Shocked by the "you're-going-to-die-anyway" slogan, the Lucky Strike gentlemen get up to leave.

Just then, Don has an epiphany. Back in Don's office, Roger encourages Don to reconsider the presidential campaign - the agency's got a young, handsome navy hero by the name of Dick Nixon. With her first day nearly complete, Peggy thanks Don for standing up for her with Pete. She rests her hand on his. After an awkward moment, he removes it.

Men Alluc mad

The young execs, led by Pete, hit the gentlemen's club and soon find themselves mav by girls. Meanwhile, Don attempts to reconcile with Rachel, and she teases that the flashy mai tai nearly does the trick. When he asks why she's not married, she admits that - aside from wanting to have the option to be a businesswoman - she's never been in love. The bachelor party long over, Pete shows up at Peggy's door. She asks why he came. He leans in, his lips brushing against her bangs.

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