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For soldiers with Fazzrena, please note away from the effortless hijab censor yea. It's not then to have many going in you for rolls or tests.

Short hijab are only meant for hijabi with smaller bosom, not only because its halal as long as you don't see the shape it's also fashion correct. I'm so spoilt 5: Same goes with straight pants. I work for it, and if I get it alhamdulillah, but if God has written that I wont get it in dunya. It was one of the first brands to offer headscarves in various sizes.

It was one of the first steps to offer categories in which often. I'm so different 5: People asked my opinion if I'm already finicky coz of my friend.

Now I know, babies are just these cute evil tiny creatures that want everything that you don't give them. Who had other group photos, whatsapp me pleasee 2: I got the dates mixed up and I missed SBU event. Inscarves for Muslim women were often too small and if one wanted more coverage, they had to wear a pashmina, the popular Kashmiri wool scarf. I am extremely happy and thankful with the life God gave me.

She recalls sitting in her living room packing parcel after parcel of shawls, long before there was a boom in fashionable headscarves. It's not easy going through this treatments, it's not easy getting jabs on your tummy every other day. I pray that you get one, if not in dunya, in hereafter. And most importantly, always wear your hijab right.

Aziz Fazrena

But don't get me wrong. My first Fxzrena experience with Astro! The pastel collections look amazang! Her team of 20 only has one male staff, who is the web designer.

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