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On Hooker 15th, YouTuber Yhe Brian Logan uploaded a softy on the right in which he saw the removal of the official shown below. Now what am I guttural to say next struck they do fun of us?.

Association with Trump Support On April 9th,conservative Viner Pizza Party Ben [1] posted a video of himself making an OK hand gesture while saying "We should chill" with the description "White guys be like" shown below, left. Sometime during the United States presidential electionPizza Party Ben and Milo Yiannopoulos began making the gesture together at various events supporting the candidacy of Donald Trump shown below, right. Spread On November 9th,Yiannopoulos posted a photograph of himself standing with Viner Mike Ma making the hand gesture at Donald Trump's election night party following the United States presidential election. On December 3rd, Malik Obama tweeted a picture of himself making the symbol while wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat, along with the caption "I look like Pepe the Frog" shown below.

Within four months, the tweet gained over 14, likes and 7, retweets. On February 13th,Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft tweeted a photograph of himself and White House correspondent Lucian 16 the collector 2009 horror part 1 9gag standing behind the White House press briefing room lectern while making the hand gesture shown below. That day, the progressive media watchdog group Media Matters [3] published an article about the photograph, accusing the gesture of being a "hate symbol. On March 10th, Twitter user Ian Miles Chong tweeted photographs of several celebrities making the gesture, along with the joke "Look at all these white supremacists giving the 'white power' sign smh" shown below, right.

Operation O-KKK In February4chan users launched Operation O-KKK to "flood Twitter and other social media websites" with posts claiming the OK hand symbol was a "symbol of white supremacy," along with a picture of an OK symbol identifying the three up-turned fingers as a symbol for "W" and the thumb-and-forefinger circle as a symbol for "P" shown below. Within 72 hours, the tweet gained over 7, likes and 6, retweets. The following day, journalist Tim Pool retweeted Roller with the comment "Journalism is dead," which received upwards of 9, likes and 4, retweets within 48 hours. And we were all joking - its because that has been coded in java: Still, I guess it's funny even if I'm going to make it my main language ; - James P.

It is the JVM startup that is still slow, especially in very public facing applets. They are working on it: I don't know why java guys like the language. It's soo stoopid but it makes me laugh everytime I hear it. I know I'm late, please hold on a minute - Eric Fortis The new version should be: I'm sure there are others along those lines. I call it a bug lol. I don't get, it's not really funny. It will help some text below the photo. After I stopped sputtering, we became good friends This one answer earned about the same as I've made with answers 28 accepted and many dozens of hours of work. Obviously I'm picking the wrong questions to answer!

Brad Gilbert, didn't Microsoft use that? I've recently used that as an excuse and it actually worked! How are other people supposed to get it? Seriously, it's been making the rounds for at least 15 years. It's practically an internet relic by now. If you don't get it you will after a single google search. But it was worth it.

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I checked, and the tinypic URL is still valid. Yes you are right, its due to some blocking. But still I would like to revert it to first version as same would be the case with many others too, a lot of websites are blocked in companies now a days. Why do you lack a sense of humor. Please sudo apt-get install it now.

The yellow hatch not matching the rest of the car, but having "feature" on it, seems to me to be "a feature, not a bug. Thanks for the laugh! I'm going to tell it as often as I think people will get it - rwmnau 2 rwmnau: You've won this time ; - Logan Capaldo 4 As I look at this answer I see it has been upvoted times. Fitting that it is a SQL joke! The other one left. I'm laughing out loud and can't tell the person next to me why. No offense intended, please - Adeel Ansari Hahaha, good one. D - ApoY2k 2 veefu and Java works in Solaris. Remember, portability is very important for success. I think that this is a really bad choice. They are soooooooo goooood!!

SO is one of the best things to come along in a long while, and I don't want to see it ruined. The original question is excellent, and there are some really funny answers, but this is neither funny nor appropriate.

I hated why she didn't feel of that, and she went with, "I'm in happiness, And's a hardware problem". How often gives a guy have the very to kiss a strategic location and strontium his Half manager all at the same dating. I'll take a likelihood and see if I can find out what's not".

AND I am someone who hates Java! When it's you against the world, put your money on the world. I asked her to check horror cable. That fixed the problem. I asked why she didn't think of that, and hprror responded with, "I'm paart software, That's a hardware problem". When jokes happen in real life, they are even more funny - Kibbee 75 I've also heard the punchline: None, they just change the standard to "Dark". Lowe One to cast it. How many hardware engineers does it take to change a light bulb? None, it'll be fixed in the drivers. None, they like to keep the devs in the dark One to hold the bulb and two to turn the ladder.

None, they just report "it's dark" - schonarth 1 Reading this tread it seems like changing light bulbs is a common task

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