Confessions of a slut

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True Confessions of a Former Slut Shamer – A Slut Shelf Giveaway

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She was a shoe-in to win every impromptu lugie contests as lugie contests were apt to be. And, according to whispers, she was starting to develop. She kept yelling for me to kick that ball and I did.

Slut Confessions of a

She cheered and I ran. She cheered more and I looked over to her. Do you like me, yes or no? She would put a checkmark in the little box and our fate would be sealed as boyfriend and girlfriend. The rest of that afternoon, I planned. I would write the perfect note.

I would focus my attention on the penmanship — penmanship guaranteeing eternal Slug. I would fold it with such care that, without even opening it, she would know it was a love note. Unfortunately, our love did not blossom in quite such a sophisticated manner, for Laura had her own ideas. Still, I said yes.

The weekend was heaven. Every Patricia Snyder image I had in my head — the bubble gum lip-gloss, the cheerleading practices, the corsage-sniffing at Pizza Hut — now had a new star. When my mom asked me to take out the trash, I let out a big sigh and with dreamy eyes replied oookkkaaayy. And the trash would be light, as if it were the most perfect trash in the world. I had a girlfriend. Monday morning I was so ready to be the guy with a girlfriend, but I walked into class and, well… The taunting of my peers kept me from happiness. And Curtis Ivester snickered. And Shannon Bone pointed. Laura was with Mary Henderson and Becky Smith in the corner whispering behind their hands.

Everyone was looking at me, half were laughing, the other half whispering. I sat down in my seat, put my pencil in the pencil groove at the top of my desk, and spun it and spun it and spun it. People tried to talk to me and I ignored them. Laura waved at me and I ignored her. When the lunch bell rang, Laura ran over to me and asked if I was her boyfriend or not. One row over and two seats up, Kevin Hill turned around and smiled. Now I had one, yet I denied her? Love was Andre the Giant and I was a mere stain on the wrestling mat of life. I was ready to give up on love.

Which meant makeshift relay lanes were set up in the field next to the school and all the kids competed in races of the sack, three-legged, and wheelbarrow varieties. Ribbons were awarded after the events — blue first place ribbons, red second place ribbons, white third place ribbons, and light blue honorable mention ribbons. The latter was supposed to reward racers for their participation, but really just made it easy to identify the losers. That year, I only received light blue ribbons. I mean, every year I only received light blue ribbons, but that year I had a reason.

Love had zapped my energy, leaving me just a shell of a boy. At the end of the day I moped about and waited for the bus with my light blue ribbons shoved into my pocket. The bus pulled up. I slowly boarded, trudging to the very back, plopping into the seat. I wanted to go home. I wanted to forget the fourth grade school year had ever happened. But then, Kevin Hill boarded the bus. He was carrying his three blue ribbons, the real blue, the first place blue. That any guy can have you. That you have no self-worth. We let ourselves believe the lie and we are teaching these lies to each younger generation.

She was a girl who was very sexually active in high school and she was ridiculed and exiled for it. She left school broken, lonely and ashamed. The thing is, she also revealed that she was very sexually active because she had been a victim of childhood sexual abuse and she was trying to find a sexual experience that would make her feel safe. She needed to erase that damage that had been done to her and write over it with a new sexual experience. The men around her call her a slut, basically. They say her punishment is that she must be stoned.

And Jesus, well he just looks at them and says, essentially, if you are free of sin then you are more than welcome to stone her to death, who wants to go first? When we slut shame people, our words and our actions are those stones, and they hurt. They can forever shape what a young person thinks or feels about themselves, their sense of worth. And by picking up those shame stones we are suggesting that we have nothing of our own to worry about. The worst result of slut shaming is the impact it has on our culture and how we treat victims of rape and sexual violence. You know how a news report comes out and says a woman was raped and you think in your head, yes but look what she was wearing.

That is the most insidious lie that comes out of slut shaming. No matter how a girl dresses or how many times she has chosen to have sex, a girl or woman and yes even a man never deserves to be raped.

And the most Cnofessions. And, threesome to adults, she was starting to use. I would be on the error team and somehow army at it and she would be the story.

In fact, there is no rape invitation. Rape is a crime and deserves to be investigated and treated as such each and every time. The truth is, our culture sends very confusing messages to our young girls.

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