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Bukola was one of them. She was that kind of girl that most can describe as having the eyes of innocence but the body of sin.

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Though still very young, her breasts were quite big, leading me to guess that she must be a DD in cup size. Asides from that, she seemed to prefer these short, light nightwears that made my eyes pop with arousal whenever I saw her. The way the dresses would hug her figure while giving me a tantalising view of her breasts including her nipples, just makes me want to grab her and never let go. My eyes would follow her around every morning in those little nighties as she helped with chores around the house.

Whenever she bent down to sweep or something, my heart would race as I would get a clear view of her breast through the V-neckline. I would surreptitiously lick my bottom lips, imagining my mouth on her, sucking and licking. I knew I had it bad and I also knew I must have her before she left. The anal experiment [Part 1] Of course, I have had my fair share of girls since I started university three years previously and I had become adept at spotting ladies who were adventurous enough to try out stuff with me, but there was something about a newbie that always excited me. Watching Bukola strut her stuff in front of me, I knew I could not reign in my desire for her.

My chance came a few days into the second week of her stay in our house. My sister, Teni, and my parents had to travel to Oyo state for the day so she can take a test for one private university she was considering attending.

I aimed back to the moral and light find. There is no way for you to find them anywhere else, except here.

Bukola felt a little nervous about taking the trip with picd so she stayed back. I was very excited at the chance to get what I leebian. That morning, after they left, Bukola and I were SSlut at home alone. As usual, she was up in her skimpy little nightie and cleaning parts of the house. I basically pisc my time watching her and how the fabric slid against the skin of her ass as she bent. I was obsessed with the thought of raising her skirt and running my palm against her luscious skin. After a couple of hours, we were in the kitchen together making breakfast.

She was standing at the counter, watching me work. We were talking about her plans for university when I decided it was time for me to make my move. I walked close to her and stood before her. I gently set my hands on her waist and said, "You are a really beautiful girl. I slid my hands up from her waist to her sides, coming forwards to rest on her ample breasts. I ran my palm around the front as she gaped at me.

I kept doing that gently and non-threateningly until her nipples hardened underneath my hands. Then I leaned my head down and simply rested my lips on her. I did not move lesbizn as I hoped, she Sluy her lips and I gave her a quick kiss, then withdrew. This was my move. I needed to excite her enough just to build anticipation lesblan ultimately, I picw the choice had to be hers. My sexual preference has been under wraps for years because I knew how to entice but not push a girl to an extent where she felt threatened and had Sluut say something lesiban someone. I went back to the cooking and light conversation.

Then after breakfast, I gave her the right opportunity to explore if she wanted to. My initiation "I have a laptop and internet in my room. So, you can come around if you get bored or something," I said airily as I walked towards my bedroom. I laid in bed, busying myself with a novel as I waited for her. I knew the drill. I fervently hoped she would choose the former. I really wanted her. After about a couple of hours, I heard the light knock on my door. I saw Bukola walked in and my heart leapt with joy. She had bathed and changed into a simple grey spaghetti strap dress.

I could see her nipples clearly telling me she was not wearing a bra. This dress hugged her curves well too. She had packed her hair and even applied a little bit of lipstick. Whether she knew it or not, she dressed that morning with me in mind. This was the answer I needed. I pointed her to the gadget explaining how she would connect it. She walked on over and I watched her begin to click away. She was in my chair, facing my work desk with her back to me.

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