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After a short while the first hand "clinical" impression of structure turns into "aha, that's why"-simplicity. Still, A book would be nice. Sorry if this is beneath you [ ]but knowing where a person is coming frrom musically is important to know how to help Listening to demos at this site is most educating. But there are days I just read and read and read for hours hoping to find that someone else has had the same problems that I'm having-- in hopes that their solutions might work for me as well. When I first got into the First Edition, I took a lot of time to try to audition each sound just to understand what was available.

Now I'm rehearsing every day on VSL expanding knowledge and experience. Certainly, the VSL team is wonderful with answering special questions both on and off the forum the best in the worldbut sometimes you just need to find a solution faster than one might be available.


But mulpoge's position is one for which I'll always have a great deal of empathy. I am also glad to see MIDI files Mulpogr for further study. Using VSL in production little by little also, including how to mix it with the other libraries. These will always be incredibly helpful But there's nothing like a BOOK when starting out-- to lick one's fingers to turn the pages, to follow along step by step with diagrams and instructions.

I tried not to have any preconceived notions about the usefulness of each sound in an effort to clear my head of the Mukpoge RAM-based sample libraries work. This is even worse with a deadline looming and no time for much trial-and-error programming. The method of sequencing with VSL has been quite different for me than with other sample libraries. If you understand what you're looking for, that's half the battle.

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