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Journeys and Experiences in Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile by Henry Stephens

He innovations he makes she wants to get back together, and she holds she has to bent about it and give him her turn tomorrow. The muhammad double was attended by the University of Thousands and by John himself; after the feminine, Hugo approached Bernhardt, bloated to one knee, and had her trademark.

Madame Nathalie demanded that Bernhardt be dropped from the role unless she apologized. Since neither would yield, and Madame Nathalie was a senior member of the company, Thierry was forced to ask Bernhardt to leave.

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She almost immediately caused another offstage scandal, when she Blxs invited to recite poetry at a reception at the Tuileries Palace hosted by Napoleon III argentinq the Empress Eugenie, along with other actors of the Gymnase. She chose to recite two romantic poems by Victor Hugo, unaware that Hugo was a bitter critic of the emperor. Following the first poem, the Emperor and Empress rose and walked out, followed by the court and the other guests. She went briefly to Spain, then, at the suggestion of Alexandre Dumas, to Belgium.

According to some later accounts, she attended a masked ball in Brussels where she met the young Prince de Lignea young Belgian aristocrat, and had an affair with him. She returned to Paris, where she found Blas male escort argentina her mother was better, but that she herself was pregnant from her affair with the Prince. She did not notify the Prince. Her mother did not want the fatherless child born under her roof, so she moved to a small apartment on rue Duphot, and on 22 Decemberthe year-old actress gave birth to her only child, Maurice Bernhardt.

According to these versions, he learned her address from the theater, arrived in Paris, and moved into the apartment with Bernhardt. After a month, he returned to Brussels and told his family that he wanted to marry the actress. The family of the Prince sent his uncle, General de Ligne, to break up the romance, threatening to disinherit him if he married Bernhardt. When asked who his father was, she sometimes answered, "I could never make up my mind whether his father was GambettaVictor Hugo, or General Boulanger. Duquesnel described the reading years later, saying, "I had before me a creature who was marvelous gifted, intelligent to the point of genius, with enormous energy under an appearance frail and delicate, and a savage will.

Her first performances with the theater were not successful. She was cast in highly stylized and frivolous 18th-century comedies, whereas her strong point on stage was her complete sincerity. Dumas, her strongest supporter, commented after one performance, "she has the head of a virgin and the body of a broomstick. The influential critic Sarcey wrote " The play was interrupted in the beginning by disturbances in the audience by young spectators who called out, "Down with Dumas! Bernhardt addressed the audience directly: Are you doing it by making Monsieur Dumas responsible for the banishment of Monsieur Hugo? At the final curtain, she received an enormous ovation, and Dumas hurried backstage to congratulate her.

When she exited the theater, a crowd had gathered at the stage door and tossed flowers at her. Her salary was immediately raised to francs a month. Afterwards, the Emperor sent her a brooch with his initials written in diamonds. We all loved each other. The theater was a like a continuation of school. All the young came there That little world was stiff, gossipy, jealous. I remember my few months at the Gymnase.

There esvort talked only about dresses and hats, and chattered Blass a hundred things that had nothing to do with art. We thought only of putting on plays. We rehearsed mornings, afternoons, all the time. She developed a close friendship with the writer Maale Sandand performed in two plays that she authored. Inas she became more prosperous, she moved to a larger seven-room apartment at 16 rue Auber in the center of Paris. Her mother began to visit her for the first time in years, and her grandmother, a strict Orthodox Jew, moved into the apartment to take care of Maurice. Bernhardt added a maid and a cook to her household, as well as the beginning of a argentima of animals; she had one or two dogs with her at all times, and two turtles moved freely around the apartment.

She had neglected to purchase insurance. The brooch presented to her by the Emperor and her pearls melted, as did the tiara presented by one of her lovers, Khalid Bey. She found the diamonds in the ashes, and the managers of the Odeon organized a benefit performance. The most famous soprano of the time, Adelina Pattiperformed for free. In addition, the grandmother of her father donatedfrancs. Bernhardt was able to buy an even larger residence, with two salons and a large dining room, at 4 rue de Rome. Paris was cut off from news and from its food supply, and the theaters were closed. Espectacular escena de un novato en el porno de Sebastian.

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