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Yes, They Want You More When They Can’t Have You

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We Wonen not be trying to emulate that. A society where women are not objectified as sex toys to be used up and thrown away when they get older or imperfect. No one wants this in the world. This is the stuff of nightmares. The dumbing down of feminism has gone too far in the third wave. No one wants women to step up to match what men already have.

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Why would we work towards total misery and increased violence? And yet, the patriarchy in power are scared of women becoming more networked and more influential — because they know it will dilute the power of the patriarch. The destruction of patriarchal and misogynistic values benefits everyone. What do you stand to lose if we one day break down the patriarchal powers in the world?

Would success mean that women become the most likely group to die in gun and knife violence with other women all over the world? The problem with saying that we are working towards women becoming equal to men is that it frames men and male cultures as being the optimum culture or the ideal goal that women should reach to become equal. The majority of all judges are men.

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