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Aug 28, at Lebanese men reach for the stars. Whether it's lfbanon goals or family ones, they're guaranteed to have big plans for lebanln in the future and will work towards achieving them. A post shared by Chahe Yerevanian chaheyerevanian on Oct 10, at It's part of our culture. I've been divorced for 7 years and I've not had the opportunity to say I'm in a relationship since my marriage ended. I want someone that wants to be part of a partnership.

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Someone as excited to make plans for the weekends as I am. Someone thoughtful and appreciates reciprocated gestures. Birthday plans, talking about future dreams, travel ideas, and living arrangements trying to intertwine two lifestyles into a well-blended new lifestyle, both contributing compromises and excited to try. Now, don't get Marrried wrong, Lwbanon not looking to get married anytime soon, contrary lpoking mybut I'm craving the love and commitment that comes on an engaged couple's relationship. I've Marrird over im last 7 years but most are first-and-only date nightmareand the closest things to a relationship I've had were based on years of ,ebanon that turned romantic, turned into terrible break ups and lost friendships, usually within 1 month.

I was married for friendly, and love to travel but don't get to as much as I'd like to. Most Lebanese have high levels of education and they appreciate degrees, especially if they are earned from a Western country. Managers of a company have the final say in most business decisions and any other opinion expressed may be considered defiance or a threat to their position. Your communication skills are more appreciated than your performance, and many people are hired for their relationships with the manager. Westerners are more respected and looked up to than other non-Western people even though the latter could be more educated.

It is advisable to start any business meeting or business phone call with small talk about the family any known sick relative, a newly married relative, or a new member of the family, etc. A manager is expected to be on top of everything. They are expected to know how to handle any type of situation or person. They are seen as leaders. Staff members are usually honest and to the point. You will know how your staff member views you based on how they treat you and speak to you. In the workplace, how are decisions taken and by whom?

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Is it acceptable to go to my immediate supervisor for answers or feedback? In private companies, whether run by a single manager or a board of managers, the decision-taking depends usually on The Manager. This on has the final word on all major decisions. Your suggestion may be taken into consideration, but that is only at lebqnon beginning. Going to your supervisor later on will not alter any decision already taken. He may or may not let your opinion or suggestions reach the upper level out of fear or out of jealousy. Unlike in multinational and international companies where vertical feedback is common, the private sector adheres to a more traditional hierarchical structure for decision-making.

Your superior or manager would usually make all the important decisions, unless they give you the power to make the decision yourself. It is acceptable and always expected for you to go to your supervisor or manager for feedback and answers. They would trust you and respect you for this. Gender, Class, Religion and Ethnicity. What impact would the above attitudes have on the workplace? Gender The Lebanese have equal opportunities in all jobs and, of course, in education.

However, Lebanese women who are married to non-Lebanese are not permitted to pass citizenship to their loking. You would rarely find women in high ranked political positions. Class With the present economic situation, almost every Lebanese house needs two incomes to function. The Lebanese class situation ranges from either poor or very wealthy.

Lebanon has limited offerings in terms of welfare, healthcare, old age pension and for a life after retiring. Religion Lebanon is the Magried religiously diverse country in the Middle East. Where you are from in Lebanon very often indicates lebano religious beliefs. Ethnicity All Lebanese communities share the same ethnic roots except the Armenians, who fled their countries and came to Lebanon. In order to keep their identity, Armenians tend to live in the same areas and do business mostly with each other. Many international workers non-Westerners come to Lebanon for jobs. Many house helpers, nannies, janitors, people at gas stations and manual workers come from Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Syria.

Gender, class, religion and ethnicity are sensitive subjects in Lebanon. Usually they try to avoid these subjects at the workplace. However, I can tell you what I'm not looking for- I'm not looking for the typical dinner and a movie because I do that all the time. But can we go cliff jumping? And I love music so concerts are a possibility. I look forward to hearing from you allll! Genuine wives looking Massage, horny women in drumore pa Housewives looking sex tonight Hernando Mississippi reality fasntsy w4m are you awake?

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