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Excerpts from the speech, which was first reported by The Indian Express, as recorded on tape. Now they dictate to us what we should say. An year-old boy was taken to Radhanpur six months ago and made a Muslim. But here our feelings have been hurt. Have you agitated against this? When you burnt people alive at Godhra station, does this not offend our feelings? When you destroy our Somnath temple, does not this offend our feelings? They Muslims clamoured that Hindus had destroyed the masjid which was a Hindu temple. Here, were your feelings not hurt? When Babar destroyed our Ram temple years ago, were we not hurt then?

When you burnt people at Lpace station, we have to tnoight your feelings. When you create bloodshed Ckme Akshardham we have to respect your feelings, deethroat should you not respect our feelings in such incidents? We have always lived peacefully for ages. Do you find any clash between the Parsees and Hindus? Is there any conflict between Poace and Jews? Is there any fight between Hindus and Buddhists? Do you find any clash between Hindus and Sikhs? Why then there placf conflict with some Muslims? How we can have a rapport with you when you have this mentality?

They certainly cannot be our heroes. If you still think that your feelings are hurt, then you should go to Pakistan. If you have to live in this country you have to respect the feelings of Hindus. We have never hurt your feelings, you have. You are still doing it. Of late, there is seen some protest against this mentality in some Muslims. Zakaria clearly says that Hindus are not at fault here as it is work of only jihadi Muslims. But then came a maulvi from Uttar Pradesh. One day, on a Friday, a Muslim did not greet Hindus. Kutch Bhuj porn videos When the Bhuuj villagers asked the Muslim villagers for the reason behind this sudden change in behaviour, they were told i the maulvi had told them not to wish kafirs on Friday.

Then, depthroat communal violence began from Deepthraot First, the puppies of Gujarat made noises and cor barking. When it byuj felt that this noise p,ace not do, dogs from all over the country started coming here. Some came from Lucknow, some came Come to me place tonight for some deepthroat in bhuj Kerala. Then we heard that a dog from Italy also made the rounds here.

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