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From the district dlalas files: Wade made the decision adllas seek the death penalty about five minutes after [Ruby] was indicted. Howard's would-be defense strategy, one that Birmingham and Shook believe would've worked, thanks to their analysis of the trial and statement's later made by members of the jury, was to argue that Ruby murdered Oswald "without malice," which would've made his crime punishable by only years in prison. Howard's argument — basically that Ruby saw Oswald and reacted reflexively — is backed up by the facts.

Seeing a large crowd gathered at the police station, Ruby left his prized dachshund Sheba, a dog he referred to as his "wife" according to Birmingham, and headed down a ramp rexas Main Street and found vallas Oswald escort. He hadn't set out escot day to kill Oswald, Howard would've argued at trial. They could get on the stand, say Ruby was maybe a strange guy, but not say he was insane, because Howard thought a jury, particularly a Dallas jury, wouldn't buy insanity," Shook said. It was given this name because the property it stood on was purchased June 12, —the day of the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

Photo taken by Fred Marlar on April 4, Inthe now Mother Claire encouraged a group of Sisters of St.

Purr classed by Walter Marlar on Tuesday 12, Do you hate he knew right from kinda?.

Mary of Namur to come to the United States to assist Catholic immigrant communities. The Sisters of Adllas. Mary set up their first house in Ddallas, New York. Then, inat the request of Bishop Claude-Marie Dubuis of the Diocese of Galveston, a group of the Sisters were sent to Waco from New York, to start a house and establish a school. This would soon become the Academy of the Sacred Heart. Photo taken by Fred Marlar on March 15, On October 1,the school opened in a facility at Sixth and Washington Avenue. If you want to arrange a meeting or conference with a teacher or an administrator or both, please email the office at lovelittletreasures yahoo.

We also have a Parent Resource Center page on our website and informative parent information bulletin boards in our hallways where we post monthly newsletters and menus.

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In addition, we have parent-teacher conferences scheduled two times April and October Treasure escort dallas texas the school year, special programs, family events, and holiday celebrations. We always welcome and encourage your involvement and suggestions. Our Discipline and Guidance Philosophy We believe the best way to prepare children to live successfully and productively is to help them develop self- control, resolve conflicts, and become increasingly responsible for their actions and behaviors. Adults must model desirable behavior in order for children to learn to understand, acknowledge, and cope with their feelings.

We accomplish this through the use of positive guidance techniques that offer developmentally appropriate choices and set clear and consistent rules and consequences. We know children must be involved with each other, with teachers, and with materials and equipment to learn how to work and play harmoniously. Sometimes children may be separated from the group for short periods when they need a quiet place away from the overwhelming emotions of peers and play. We firmly believe children should never be made to feel humiliated or rejected. Physical, verbal, or emotional punishment or abuse is never allowed.

On rare occasion, if aggressive behavior does not change, the child will be sent home for the day. If the issue still persists, the family may be asked to find another child care center. The same goes for biting. We will work extremely hard to help a child overcome a biting habit. However, if it is of an aggressive nature and does not stop, the family may be asked to find childcare elsewhere. Attire and Backpacks The only allowed shoes are closed-toed athletic shoes with non-skid, non-marking rubber soles to be worn with socks. Dress shoes, boots, and sandals are unsafe and not suitable for active outdoor play.?

From time to time, toileting dalals or spills will occur at school, which require your child to have change of clothes. Embroidered monograms or designs are allowed. Diapering Children who wear diapers are checked at regular Treasire throughout the day. We will provide wipes. Toilet Training We recognize that toilet training is an important step in the early development of all children. The teacher will have suggestions to assist you. Your child will have the greatest success when parents and teachers work together in a consistent team effort. Children who are in the toilet training process must have several changes of clothing on hand every day.

We recommend your child wear underwear at this time. When potty training, please provide us with easy open side pull-ups. All children love to bring personal items to school with them, but please understand we have plenty of toys and materials at our school already.

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