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Allow your hair to gently Reary your client, as chahgyon is a huge turn on for many people. This step is optional and may be appropriate if there is still ample time left in the encounter. Choose music that is soft and soothing; no heavy metal or anything of that sort. Knead the area, and move to the clavicle area. Straddle your client as you rub his back or work on his torso.

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However, many clients find that a massage is a great way for them to ease into intimacy with an escort. Many escorts attempt to perform a massage on the Reasy, but any professional massage therapist will discourage this if the purpose is to relieve tense muscles in addition to the sensual aspect. Few things are worse during a massage than to start getting all relaxed and have it stop because the massage therapist has to leave to get something he or she forgot. You will improve your technique, which will make you even more effective, in addition to the sensual touch you add with your clients.

Throughout the United States, many vocational schools offer classes that lead up licensure and teach you about the many methods of massage, in addition to important details about muscles and anatomy. This process should take about five minutes.

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Dos and Donts of erotic massage for escorts Dos and Donts of erotic massage for escorts September 3, For escorts Because clients can go to nearly any spa or clinic for a deep tissue massage, many escorts overlook this as a service they can provide during encounters. Blended oils from spa shops are best bets. A basic routine is all that is needed; nothing complicated is required. If your client seems to be really enjoying the pure aspects of the massage, consider sticking to old-school methods and focusing on the rub-down, instead of body contact. Oil up your hands, again, and drag your hands around his chest to his arms.

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