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Past clients have enjoyed the touring tuor provided, esorted we will consider your comments in our efforts to always improve the experience. The people tend to view themselves as modest, independent and self-reliant. As stated in your itinerary, we promote flexibility by offering optional excursions on one of the leisure days in Paris. Willem de Kooning was born and trained in Rotterdam, although he is considered to have reached acclaim as an American artist.

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The Louvre Museum and Palace of Versailles were never included features of the tour. As advertised, all hotels utilized on your tour were rated First Class. The following day you also opted to skip the touring in Giverny. We offer various product lines and we do hope your travel agent can assist you in finding one suitable for your touring lifestyle. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange, the oldest stock exchange in the world, is located in the city centre.

Tour Amsterdam escorted

On Day 8, we coach through the French countryside to the city of Paris, but unfortunately you opted to leave the tour and take a train on your own. The three major cities are AmsterdamThe Hague and Rotterdam, all with their ecsorted unique characters. Other places of interest are Delft, known for its blue pottery and quaint canals and Alkmaar known for its cheese markets. The Hague, easily reached by a local train, is the seat of government and is known for being the location of the International Criminal Court. We have researched your tour to address your concerns and gain insight: The Dutch are outgoing, friendly and helpful and it is unlikely that while on Netherlands tours anyone stopped in the street and asked a question would not reply in perfect English.

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