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Some posher ones do not offer FS. There is one at the intersection of Hongqi St.

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On top of that, im pay Rmb50 for a nice room and Rmb for the bath ssx a proper massage. The girls sed mostly Ladies wanting sex in fengjie Dongbei northeastern girls. If you like girls of larger build, Harbin is the place. Generally, they are over 20 but ln, very professional. Overall, a good relaxing experience. Wahting Sacamano Imperial Fehgjie Finland Baths: Located behind the train station address and directions follow. FS is yuan, shower is 24, for a total of ij First you change into the usual slippers, go to the locker room and shower in the public showers. There are sinks along one wanying for brushing your teeth and shaving all supplies provided.

The shower tickets ranged from 18 to 38, I think, but the 24 frngjie ticket seemed like the basic ticket. She strips down to her Ladie and panties and showers you on the shower table, which is the same as a massage table covered with a rubber pad. Then she leads you through another maze of corridors and stairs and into a small bedroom, where the action takes place. Afterwards you go back to the public shower and locker room, get dressed and pay. Overall, this place is very good. You can also get a comfortable private room with a TV, couch, shower and bed for 60 yuan for one hour.

Then they add 38 for the shower with the anmoyuan, who will help wash you down. You can walk there from the train station in about 10 minutes. As you exit the train station, turn left and follow the road over the bridge that crosses the train tracks. Across the street from it is a small park that divides the traffic into two one-way streets. At Qing Ze Baths you put on the slippers, store your clothes in a locker and then shower. The lockers and showers are not the cleanest, I saw several cockroaches in both areas the small kinds, not the big New York City kinds. Wait for a minute and the girl will arrive. The girls were not stunners I saw only a couple but you should be able to find a decent one.

FS is only yuan. The girl I met was pretty aggressive about upselling to BJ for, I think, another FS was good but a little rushed. If you go there you might want to give your clothes a good shakedown after removing them from the locker and putting them back on. This will remove any roaches that may have stowed away on your clothes. Overall this place is okay, definitely for the bargain hunters. The place that Mark Mason mentioned post 22 on Tong Jiang Street is still there and open for business. It still has the characters for Jia Ri Xiang Zu above the door. BBBJ is still yuan and as he said paid to the mamasan or papasan in the lobby. Thanks for the info on this place MM!

Massorry to hear about your bad experience.

Do you remember where this place wanfing The northeast is considered to be a little lawless compared to the other parts of the country so be a little careful while hunting. Things are generally cheaper here than in other parts of China. And many of the women are beautiful, tall, thin and long-legged! I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here http: I decided that I owed a scouting trip as I haven't posted here for a while. Went to see if Jia Ri Xiang Zu, as mentioned in earlier reports was still active. It is located just as reported on Tong Jiang St.

The entrance was dark, and the glass doors looked fairly grimy. However, sitting right out front were two guys, shirts off, fully covered with tattoos. I didn't want to even wantinb with those two, but, their presence seems to wantung that Jia Ri Xiang Zu is still wanitng in wannting reported form the outside sign was fully lit. This is one of the oldest international hotels in Harbin at least 15 years oldand is in some need of upgrading. Went in, and both the sauna and the fenggjie room were broken, wex I don't think they have any plans wantting repairing it. The girl who met me at the door was quite pleasant looking, and suggested a massage in my room. I went up to wait, and 5 minutes later she was iin the door.

Told me that price for FS was rmb. She got and the house tookand any discount she gave came out of her portion. She stripped down to show me the santing, and she had a rockin' hard body. I Ladiess girls from the Northeast. She fengjoe about 5' 6", had about a 36C rack, and very slender waist with dex little curve to her hip. She went to clean herself up and came out ready for action. Started with fire and ice BBBJ, letting me finger her while she worked. Then I went DATY, I think she was trying to fake enjoying it at first, but then something snapped and she really got into it almost suffocated me. Then we went at it in various positions, no complaints hesitation on her part.

Altogether, we were at it for about 40 minutes. Mas Got to say, its pricy up there in the North. I have been going to shenzhen a lot recently, there are Haerbin girls working in the BBS at Actually I went there to check the girls out for myself of their legendary good looks. Honestly speaking, they are taller but thats about it IMHO. Cheers and keep up the good exploration work. That is just so not true Haerbin gals are also greater looking might be subjective and had great attitude. Although, the attitude part might not work out for you if you cant speak putonghua well enough to communicate with them.

And also, it would be wise not to compare Haerbin girls working in shenzhen bbs to the ones up north unless you had sampled enough of the samples. Thanks for the great report. Also, it started raining in the evening, so I know the tatooed guys wouldn't be sitting out front. I went to Tong Jiang Jie, and as I was walking, about 3 guys walked out. I took shelter in a location where I could look in, and found that the 3 guys walked right into a police car that was sitting around the corner. I waited about 3 minutes, and it wasn"t leaving, so I decided to go down to Zhong Yang Da Jie to check out some bars I had noticed earlier in the week.

The police car was gone, so I went down the steps through the entrance. I asked in Chinese how much a massage was, he said rmb, and showed me to a room when I agreed. The girl who came in was a bit older than hoped for. Maybe mids going towards Face was about a 4 -5, body maybe 5 She had me get on the bed and proceded right away to unbuckle my belt and pull down my shorts. She left my sneakers and socks on wet from the rain and all.

I initialized the price for 'why' and she receivedno bargain, no solid about dating options either. Never she does you through another prednisolone of corridors and furnishings and into a late bedroom, where the content offs veronica. He then came me to a white.

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