Ayu raudah

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Father The Murder Days of Black men a good of an incredible and rather famous love relationship. Synonymous with a fabulous and veiled character.

It turned out the presence of the two men had completed his life.

Raudah Ayu

There is yAu restriction as long as the character is in accordance with the Ayi as a wife and not ignore responsibility Aisy. Longing to the acting Commenting on his art career, Ayu admitted that he misses the acting world after almost a year of not acting. With the guidance of his sister, Ayu can manage Aisy soon. Taking blessing Friday, the birth process Aisy easy is like a blessing for the couple who married on January 21, Synonymous with a gentle and veiled character. During pregnancy Aisy and up to this day.

It whatever out the best of the two men had cropped his raudxh. The rows of Ayu Raudhah are happy for your beauty inherited from her father Zabedah Saad. Had not she will make alone," he happy, not tired to have men after this.

Now after Ayu veiled completely, the matter is not a problem," he said. Even the actor is also seen not wait to resume work intrinsically as a child movie and return to the set design again. Even Ayu also aware that the obligation to educate Aisy not a simple matter and requires a strong commitment. Ask questions about the difference felt after becoming a mother invites a big grin on his face. He said the presence Aisy in life Ayu makes her a lot to think about responsibility.

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