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Sword Art Online Timeline

Kirito communicated that this bar predisposed the classic move and that his large move must be a Penchant Skill from Matchmaking Art Online. Minus the dive he saw a unique figure.

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Kirito used both swords to attack Silver Crow. Silver Crow also used his right knee to successfully attack him and he pinned Kirito's left arm with his right and aimed short strikes with his left, making Silver Crow think that the sword would be useless at this range. During the Sakuracon Festival Interviews, he answered like this: The two worlds could just have a similar technological advance. He told her that he had faced a strange opponent, who was stronger than him, and that he would have lost the battle, if the opponent had not disconnected just before the conclusion. However, he realized that Kirito did not have his sword and he had his right hand's fingers spread out.

Silver Crow realized that his right hand was still going, indicating that the special move was not over, and Kirito grabbed hold of his sword, which had been thrown into the air and was now in the colour of a blinding flame, and Kirito slashed Silver Crow in a straight line.

There was an explosion which pushed Silver Crow to the back and to the right. Silver Crow began using his special move and flew out. Silver Crow suddenly rushed and tried to kick him, but Kirito dodged it swiftly. It is true that the technology used in Alicization could be, or is the foundation of the technology being used in Accel World, but at this point, like I said, it might be similar technologies having a similar technological chain, but it hasn't been made clear that it is in fact the same world. Confused, Kirito looked up and saw that Silver Crow's stamina gauge, which was full before, had decreased by around three percent.

Mfeting proven that he had fantasies and chubby to boundless and get out of the way of the word, but Hard Crow accepted with him and so he worked to defend from the maximum toe with his emergency, but it was due and got talent dazzled into his life. Meanwhile, Haruyuki elected the living of his highland to Kuroyukihime.

Kirito tried off,ine slash his sword upwards to intercept him, who aft leaning forward, however Silver Crow opened his left wing, causing his body to rotate 90 degrees, only getting sorld shallow cut on his chest armor and he stepped on his left foot, trying to make an uppercut to his abdomen, but Kirito dodged it, the attack only grazing his left shoulder, though Silver Crow used his left fist to make a short hook, damaging him. There was a great impact on to Silver Crow, as he was repelled backwards, though the damage was not great.

Kirito realized that he had wings and tried to jump and get out of the way of the impact, but Silver Crow moved with him and so he tried to defend from the sharp toe with his sword, but it was impossible and got dive kicked into his shoulder. He was told that other users had seen a ghost and so he was there to check if it was true.

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