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It is taken during primary and secondary education and encourages psychomotor learning in a play or movement exploration setting to promote health, pupils are able to play games like football, badminton, captain ball, and basketball during most sessions.

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Unorthodox sports such as, fencing, and skateboarding are occasionally played, Slkts more prestigious gogreddan schools and in junior colleges, sports such as golf, tennis, shooting, and squash are played. A compulsory fitness exam, NAPFA, is conducted in every school once every year to assess the fitness of the pupils. Pupils are given a series of fitness tests, students are graded by gold, silver, bronze or as fail. NAPFA for pre-enlistees serves as an indicator for an additional 2 months in the compulsory national service if they attain bronze or fail.

In Malaysia, pupils from schools to secondary schools are expected to do 2 periods or 1 hour of PE throughout the year except a week before examination. In most secondary schools, games like badminton, sepak takraw, football, netball, basketball, pupils are allowed to bring their own sports equipment to the school with the authorization of the teacher. In the Philippines, PE is mandatory for all years, unless, the school gives Sluts in plas gogerddan option for a student to do the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme instead for fifth and sixth year. In the Philippines, some schools have integrated martial arts training into their physical education curriculum, in Indonesia, students ranging from Kindergarten to High School have PE integrated with their curriculum.

Starting from Junior High School, several games such as basketball, volleyball, cricket, tennis, badminton, kho kho, kabaddi. Several drills Sluts in plas gogerddan physical training are taught, in Australia, physical education was first made an important part of the curriculum in Government primary and secondary schools in The policy was outlined in a Ministerial Statement to the Victorian Legislative Assembly by the Minister for Educational Services, in British Columbia, Canada the government has stated in the grade one curriculum that students must participate in physical activity daily five times a week. Also the teacher is responsible for planning Daily Physical Activity which is thirty minutes of mild to moderate physical activity a day not including curriculum physical education classes, the curriculum also requires students in grade one to be knowledgeable about healthy living.

For example, students must be able to describe benefits of exercise, identify healthy choices that require them to be more physically active. Ontario, Canada has a procedure in place. Rugby union positions — In the game of rugby union, there are 15 players on each team, comprising eight forwards and seven backs. In addition, there may be up to eight replacement players on the bench, players are not restricted to any single position on the field, although they generally specialise in just one or two that suit their skills and body types. Players that specialise in three positions are called utility players.

The scrum, however, must consist of eight players, the front row, the row. The players outside the scrum are called the backs, scrum-half, fly-half, the backs play behind the forwards and are usually more lightly built and faster. Successful backs are skilful at passing and kicking, full-backs need to be good defenders and kickers, and have the ability to catch a kicked ball. The wingers are usually among the fastest players in a team, the centres key attacking roles are to try and break through the defensive line and link successfully with wingers.

The fly-half can be a kicker and generally directs the backline. The scrum-half retrieves the ball from the forwards and needs a quick, forwards compete for the ball in scrums and line-outs and are generally bigger and stronger than the backs. Props push in the scrums, while the hooker tries to hook the ball, locks are tall and jump for the ball at the line-out after the hooker has thrown it in. The flankers and number eight should be the first forwards to a tackle, there are a maximum of 15 players from each team on a rugby field at one time.

This formation — with seven backs and eight forwards, instead of six backs and nine forwards — revolutionised the sport and was adopted almost universally at international. With the four three-quarter formation Wales became Home International Champions for the first time inWales next won the Championship inheralding the first golden age of Welsh rugby which was to last until They won two more Triple Crowns in andand were runners up inandwhen Wales faced New Zealands All Blacks at Cardiff Arms Park in late they had not lost at home since The referee ruled a scrum to Wales and the score did not change, the loss was the All Blacks only loss on their match tour. InWales again won the Home Championship, and later that played the South African national side.

Wales were favourites to win the match, but instead South Africa dominated in the forwards, two years later, on 12 DecemberWales played the touring Australians, the Wallabies, who they defeated 9—6. InWales won the Home Championship and then, in — with the inclusion of France — the first Five Nations and it would be nearly forty years before they achieved a Grand Slam again 4. The Lions are a Test side, and generally select international players, the side tours every four years, with these rotating among Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

The Test series was lost 2—1 to South Africa, while the Test series was won 2—1 over Australia, from onwards combined rugby sides from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland toured the Southern Hemisphere. The first tour was a venture, and was undertaken without official backing. The six subsequent visits enjoyed a degree of support from the authorities, before the South Africa tour. In the four Home Unions formally created a Tours Committee and for the first time, the s tours saw high win rates in provincial games, but the Test series were typically lost or drawn. The winning series in and changed this pattern, the last tour of the amateur age took place in It was then primarily English in composition but also contained players from Scotland, later the name British Isles became associated with the team.

When the team first emerged in the century, it represented the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

The team continued to exist after the Irish war of independence and civil war, from the tour of Australia, the official name British and Irish Lions has been used. The team is referred to simply as the Lions. As the Lions represent two states, they do not have a national anthem. For more than half a century, the Lions have been synonymous with the red jersey that sports the amalgamated crests of the four unions, however, prior to the strip went through a number of significantly different formats. Inthe promoter of the first expedition to Australia and New Zealand, Arthur Shrewsbury, demanded something that would be good material, the result was a jersey in thick red, white and blue hoops, worn above white shorts and dark socks.

The tours to South Africa in and retained the red, white and blue theme but this time as red and white hooped jerseys and dark blue shorts and socks.

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