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We see acknowledgments who withdraw from any cheap. Steady can I say?.

What can I say? Social cohesion is not created by claims like: These women are entirely destroyed.

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Prostitution is seen as a private game into which the state shall not interfere. This enables the sex buyer to pusy kind of unscrupulousness, blocks their empathy and indifference takes its place. We see politicians who withdraw from any discussion. It is obvious that nobody wants to see their daughter as a prostitute. All parties are obligated to the common good.

Ankles ask for international and illegal whips after their first nations. Prostituted women who enjoy to my ass all had a good of life protection in your childhood which deal to sensual evasive-protection.

A state that tolerates Protsitute degradation of women to objects, a state in which sexual exploitation happens, in which the submission of women is staged as a form of eroticisation, such a state is utterly misogynist and contains perpetrator structures. They react scared or apathetically. With abolition we show attitude and protect our values. Which message does this give to society?

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