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I mention that this dialogue with Mr. HHC is a charity founded in by Colonel Mark Cook, former commander of the British UN contingent in Croatia, and his wife Caroline, with the aim of removing children from institutional care and into family life. Stefan and colleagues are working their way around the country shutting these unspeakable places, but it is a slow process, not least because where do you put such betrayed and damaged children? Contraception and abortion were banned, and women were told that having a large family was a patriotic duty. The result was that parents had more children than they could afford to feed.

There was no real alternative than to place these unwanted babies in an institution. It was only in the months following the revolution that appalling institutions, such as the one in Bistrita — run by untrained staff and short of food, medicine, heating fuel and compassion — were discovered and provoked outrage internationally. When Romania began discussions to join the EU in the early Nineties, a key requirement was that these institutions be closed down, and the Romanian government agreed to do so. InI visited Romania to report on what progress had been made.

It was a traumatic trip and deeply disturbing to see the numbers of neglected, malnourished children with illnesses, such as tuberculosis, hepatitis and Aids.

By the time Romania joined the EU inI assumed that it was close to achieving this goal. What I found last month was that although some progress has been made — institutions containing aboutinmates have been shut down — Romania has still not eradicated its shameful past. The institution in Bistrita is one of in which more than 10, children still languish. Today, about 20 per cent of the cost is born by local councils and 80 per cent by the charity, HHC. It is also a lengthy process, taking a minimum of 18 months for suitable homes to be found for each child, with access to trained social workers and psychologists to help them work towards some sort of normal life.

In addition, efforts are made to trace the birth family of each child to see if they want to be involved; some families still have no idea where their children were taken or if they are still alive. About 35 per cent of children return to the parental home permanently. Others, with support, are taken in by families. Adoption is a complex legal process, but there are about 14, foster carers currently looking after about 26, children. International adoptions were halted in for fear it was leading to trafficking and abuse Between and children found homes in the UK. There is also the challenging task of re-educating Romanians about the care of children and the value of family life.

During my visit, I met Viorica, a neatly dressed mother of two teenage children in her early fifties, who was director of a Dickensian-type institution in Sighet for babies until They never went outside. They had no toys, no opportunity to socialise or play. But the people from HHC argued with me over a two-year period about how children need families and love, and I gradually came to realise what a terrible place I had been running. I cuddle and love the children.

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There are beautiful views and a nice curtain to block out the street lights at night. The main inconvenience was the lack of air conditioning, which was a little brutal in the hot summer. Bridget, United States of America Great location. Very nice and helpful staff. We will return with great pleasure. Cristina, Romania Such a lovely hotel! It checks all boxes.

The rooms are quite big, the internet is fast, breakfast is delicious, and staff very friendly. I only stayed for a night, but could have happily stayed for longer. The staff are particularly kind and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.

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