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The list features six key priority themes: Other councillors were unanimous in adopting the vision. Part of this is how you frame it to ses public. It speaks to many different parts of the community, many different community priorities. Neill says while some municipal priorities are carried over from the last council, there are new goals this group wants to achieve. Some of them are low hanging fruit and some of them are very high expensive fruit.

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Chief administrator Gerard Hunt says inflationary jn and the planned expansion of public transit, cultural datign and winter plowing will lead to a projected tax hike of 3. Bring it on, say transportation experts Sunshine List in Continued from page 1 getting around that. Hutchison acknowledges a certain amount of public envy and curiosity with the Sunshine List along with privacy concerns of those individuals with listed salaries - but says the nearly 20 year old financial disclosure law is still important to show transparency to taxpayers. The annual list is published at the end of March.

If you want good people who are highly trained and experienced then you have to pay for it. The city is in the process of updating its Transportation Master Plan TMPand one of the strategies is to allow traffic congestion to get worse. Experts told council that extending local road capacity to its maximum design is more likely to persuade automobile users to consider alternate transportation means such as car-pooling, public transit and cycling. Inautomobile use was the dominant form of transportation, representing an 82 per cent share of all commuters in Kingston.

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Bythe automobile mode share was down to 76 per cent. Experts believe Kingston can further reduce that figure to 69 per cent by the year Public transit is projected to rise from just a three percent share in to 9 per cent in Getting people out of their cars and into more sustainable forms of transportation is a cornerstone policy of the proposed TMP update, which council is expected to approve later this year. A city-funded telephone and online survey of residents conducted last year identified the top reasons that influence travel choices. Daddy likes his little girl wearing heels, and skirts, and to go without panties.

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