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Police: Columbia man, woman wanted for shoplifting at Williamston gas station

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Atlanta had developed rapidly, attracting workers for its rebuilding and, particularly from the s as the "rail hub" of the South: This resulted in weest dramatic increase in both the African-American population 9, in to 35, in and the overall city population from a population of 89, in toin [4] as individuals from rural areas and small towns sought better economic opportunities. African Americans had established prosperous businesses and developed an elite who distinguished themselves from working-class blacks. They were resented by some whites. Among the successful black businessmen was Alonzo Herndonwho owned and operated a large, refined barber shop that served prominent white men.

Sefking new status brought increased competition between blacks wesf whites for jobs and heightened class distinctions. State requirements from limited black voting through poll taxesrecord keeping and other devices to voter registration, but many freedmen and descendants could still vote. But both major candidates played on racial tensions during their i for the gubernatorial election ofin which M. Hoke Smith and Clark Howell competed for the Democratic primary nomination. Smith had explicitly "campaigned on a platform to disfranchise black voters in Georgia. Smith was a former publisher of the Atlanta Journal and Howell was the editor of the Atlanta Constitution.

Both candidates used their influence to incite white voters and help spread the fear that whites may not be able to maintain the current social order. These "dives", as whites called them, were said to have nude pictures of women. The Atlanta Georgian and the Atlanta News publicized police reports of white women who were allegedly sexually molested and raped by black men. None was ever substantiated.

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Following this report, several dozen white men and boys began gathering Locwl gangs, and began to beat, stab, and shoot blacks in retaliation, pulling them off or assaulting them on streetcars, beginning in the Five Points section of downtown. After extra editions of the paper were printed, by midnight estimates were that 10, to 15, white men and boys had gathered through downtown streets and were roaming to attack blacks. Terrell called out eight companies of the Fifth Infantry and one battery of light artillery. The trolley lines had been closed before midnight to reduce movement, in hopes of discouraging the mobs and offering some protection to the African-American neighborhoods, as whites were going there and attacking people in their houses, or driving them outside.

During that night, a large mob attacked Decatur Street, the center of black restaurants and saloons.

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It destroyed the businesses and ewst any blacks in sight. Mobs moved to Peters Street and related neighborhoods to wreak more damage. Le Petit journal of Paris reported, "Black men and women were thrown from trolley-cars, assaulted with clubs and pelted with stones. One white man was reported killed, and about 10 injured.

In the center of the city, militia were seen by 1 am. But most were not armed and organized until 6 am, when more were wesf in the business district. Sporadic violence had continued in the late night in distant quarters of the city as small gangs operated. On Sunday hundreds of blacks left the city by train cs other means, seeking safety at a distance. Fulton County police learned of the meeting and raided it; an officer was killed in an ensuing shootout. Three wesg of militia were sent to Brownsville, where they arrested and disarmed about blacks, including university professors. Where to meet compatible single women?

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