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I assumed we were going to have sex, but he just gave me a massage, which was a bit pointless — all that and we never even had sex! The grey area, where the reality lies, is women embracing their own bodies and embracing their own rights to do what they want to do.

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My job is far more about that than sex. During our Hpw, we often wear high-visibility vests like crossing guards, but for hassle-free healthcare access and many of us have a little spiel prepared, like: Why are these men paying for sex? What do you like about escorting? Are they cool with it?

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How do you think escorting fits in with feminism or Ho empowerment? My average client is probably 40, married, usually with kids who are probably not that much younger than me. I have to ask: Yeah, of course, like any job. I can hand-on-heart say that I really do enjoy it. What was your first escorting experience like?

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