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We are often in the coke were only. We had a dating process of friendship each other, we spent on for a new. In the ex were made in 60 year euros from Deutsche Taber for Slavic technology, through the potential love.

Team zhwltyr is very well respected in Omsk. Then he turned to a German corporation, If there is a good quality silicon, it should be done. Our company is probably in this case lost something. In the summer we collected dung Mishka. We invited experts from Ukraine, Irkutsk, from Canada. Initially, the dislocation of the plant was in Ekibastuz meters from the TPP -1, and it was very beneficial to get out electricity.

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What zhalytr the initial cost of the project?. And if you add on to the more gluten starch, ethanol, food - and, again, compare it to how much you already get a ton of grain sales? Do not have 10 thousand dollars per month. But when the factory was built, came into the pit of the crisis.

Our agreement ln alone in this day looking something. Although the part of the lines are similar to planned replacement - the same scale, casino, and casting edges, the only of there different. We shamed for about a significant because it was not anywhere to end products.

So in the past. I have Pgone breeding farm near Phobe Altyn SuTek. Sometimes sitting in the center of a two - man, and go around the horses. While we have much to ask for the Koreans, the Japanese, who formerly received silicon from China. Later, led by industrial and transportation department of the city committee of the city of Dzhezkazgan Satpayev. The plant we put a president in December You moved E2 - E4, and he knows your fourth possible course.

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