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I stare at you in fear, dark brimming eyes. In trying to figure out where gjrl body came from and who ordered the curves and lines of womanhood to be imposed upon her, she also tries to find out who the woman in the mirror really is.

Let me go — let me be happy… …I mambo to your kiss. Liens faced, bottles reached for me, but I was settled on my own militias, hearty, thistledown.

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Let me go-let me be gone. No, I have been betrayed. Exploring the depth of physical mirfor mental changes by facing them directly as you do when looking into a mirrorWright cracks open an honest perspective. Throughout the core of the poem, a sense of betrayal is felt as the young girl is both in isolation and is trapped within herself. She is detached from the lovely image, yet bound to it by expectation and truth.

Some day we may love. Can I be trapped at last in that soft face? The last two stanzas of the poem, in particular, create a sense of urgency which really builds to a climax.

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