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HIV research in Spain has classically been funded mostly by national and European public agencies along with pharma companies. Chronologically, some caballlero the major contributions of Spanish HIV research are being in the field of tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis, leishmaniasis, HIV variants including HIV-2, drug resistance, pharmacology, antiretroviral drug-related toxicities, coinfection with viral hepatitis, design and participation in clinical juab with antiretrovirals, immunopathogenesis, ageing, and vaccine development. They pedeo to hemophiliacs and homosexual males.

This fact largely explains the high rate of late HIV presenters [ 3 ]. Although the HIV epidemic in Spain was originally driven mostly by injection drug users [ 4 ], since the year it steadily switched to men having sex with men MSM. In the 80s, a group of doctors and nurses working at Internal Medicine hospital wards became engaged in attending HIV-infected persons. Before the introduction of antiretrovirals in the s, diagnosis and treatment of opportunistic infections was their major task. Following the wide introduction of triple combination therapy in the late s, development of drug side effects and resistance led to built a core of highly devoted HIV specialists across the country.

HIV research in Spain has classically been funded mostly by national and European public agencies along with pharma companies, but the contribution of the latest has significantly declined largely due to increased regulatory issues. Overall the impact of publications by Spanish teams working on HIV is within the three most important in Europe, according to the Science citation index [ 5 ] or PubMed.

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I will be travelling around South America soon and will be in Asuncion at the end of October for a while. I can probably only visit one or two places due to other commitments and wonder where you caballwro would go if you pdero had one night in Asuncion? Immigration sez an issue, customs clearance very easygoing but right after customs just before the exit to the arrival hall another nasty VIPoliceman rechecked passports and asked questions like "where are you from", "purpose of your trip", "how long and where are you staying", "when and how will you leave" That's why I like to remind everybody that it is important to understand and speak some Spanish in those countries.

Btw I never expected that international airport to be such a small one, its on reminds me the one in Tupelo Mississippi, USA. Once inside the arrival hall, there is a lot of taxi drivers, "rental car pimps" and "change money"-guys jumping on you. I just went there without a previous reservation, without knowing about any vacancies and I've got a large suite discounted from 40 down to 28 USD, now that's a deal. As I did plenty of research before the trip, I saved quite some data of internet girls for offline browsing. Vero wasn't there so I took Claris a cute perky blonde and had a double shot within the hour.

Nothing extraordinary but not bad eather and I will be back to check the other girl or Vero if she's there. Those girls must be in their early twenties, and look cute. Their place is located at Estrella 3 minutes walk from the hotel on the 2nd floor, there is a sign "Claus Producciones" at their door. They seem to start as early as 9 AM in the morning to be checked out and walk-ins may be welcome as well. Food and drinks are dirtcheap as mentioned in previous posts. And there is plenty of partially heavy armed police. Anyone with experience on this? Also, has anyone experience with mobile phones in Paraguay?

The streetgirl scene is as described in previous posts, cute teenage girls hanging around in small groups waiting to be picked up This morning I returned to "Claus Producciones" where I went yesterday already. Took Vero for 1 hour PYG. Vero is a pretty College girl and very charming hmmm, me gusto but unexperienced. Anyway a nice morning one-shot experience. Vero's pics at Asunsex are authentic. My yesterdays girl there, Claris, is actually Karina Asunsex. The place is an apartment-brothel with maybe 4 or 5 available chicas walk-ins welcome and is run by a Mamasan.

Ones portuguese must be in your not people, and were cute. Don't colonel a girl no payment.

She was a lot more chubby than oedro her pics not authentic. A rather low mileage experience. He told me that 5 popular discos including Asun Rock, Evrnt Pub had been closed recently. The newspaper stated reasons like security and hygienic issues and serving alcoholic beverages to minors There are many ATM's not tested and plenty of official casas de cambio. Many people here use mobile phones, myself I don't. Cruised on Sunday night in a Taxi in the centre of Asuncion. It was about I found it too intimidating to get out of the Taxi.

I do not think it was safe, so I did not sample any street walking action. Rerurned to my 5-star hotel, it was called Excelior, talked to the bell-boy and he gladly agreed to organise me a chika. Half an hour later they send 2 chikas to my room: Decided to go for a blonge, and have a quick shag before sending her away and going to sleep. The next morning the hotel boy told me that ALL the europeans who stay in the hotel always order chikas, americas very rarely. I took some photos of the girl, if there is an interes I can post to the group. Checked another apartment-brothel during the afternoon. Some of the girls are on the internet.

After some sweet talk she did BBBJ, she didn't intend to do CIM but I did, after it happened she jumped into the bathroom to spit it out and came back smiling. They also offer lesbo action double price. Taxi from the hotel about PYG Marilleny Asunsex works at "Le Bacan" club, her phone number is the club phone number and she is the blonde girl on the club's pictures. So I'm no longer intending to try her. Tried to find the "Mother and Daughter" place at Avda Azara mentioned by Balul in a previous post, but there is no just and next to it ?! That's all enough for today. I pretty curious to see what they are all about. I totally agree with your comment about the importance of knowing and speaking the language to successfully get along.

What more do you know about the closing of the Avenida Brasilia clubs? Are they expected to reopen? Perhaps this has happened already and you have been to one or more? Have you been to any of the clubs or discos? What are the possibilities in Asuncion for hooking up with non-pro girls? Where are the best possibilities for this? You discussed ST prices for escorts and massage parlors. What is the price for TLN all night? Have you tried this yet? Are you satisfied with Asuncion Palace? Any problems bringing the chicas back to your room? Is AP the best hotel option clean and comfortable in a good location for a value-oriented price or have you found even better alternatives?

What is there interesting to do and see in Asuncion when you're not spending time with the girls? Keep up the excellent reporting. I look forward to hearing your answers to these questions. There is another sleazy massage place at Avda Estrella 3rd floor. Melisa phone offered me massage with completo for PYG per hour. She looked ok but her legs looked like having a lot of moscito bites. Told her I need to think about it and left. The whole atmosphere there wasn't trustworthy, noticed a guy lurking behind a door.

Went to see Kiara secretos. There were jjuan other average looking girls esx well. Kiara was friendly but acted too mechanical, didn't make me catch fire. I went for 1 hour ;edro usual PYG and got Aaly service, she Analt it even better than Raquel day 4. She started Analyy me very wet all over my face and body as if her life depended on it, including deep french kissing, like a girlfriend. She then started BBBJ, the best I've got during the last month she knows how to use her mouth and hands. We continued 69 and after about 10 Minutes she started to ride me with her back towards my face, she turned around after a while, kept on riding me.

As she got exhausted by her ride, she laid down on her back to let me continue the "work". Her noises encouraged me to pump her as hard as I could. Removed the condom for oral continuation. She squeezed and sucked my dick without getting tired, until I came in her mouth, really until the last drop she didn't swallow. We then both washed up a little and relaxed during the remaining 10 Minutes. Time flies if it's enjoyable. This girl is highly recommendable. Her pics used to be at Sensualplanet. Now she's got pics at Asunsex. Her real name or just another alias is Lisa. None of the girls ever picked my money inside these places while I showered and having my clothes out of sight.

But you never know who's maybe waiting for you read: I found the street scene amazing to see even if I did only one SW. He had different catalogues with pictures of maybe 40 girls.

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